Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mending The Mess

Reversing the treatment of the man you have wronged is better than asking for his forgiveness.

Elbert Hubbard
Hello Kate
Oh, how I wish I could go and reverse the wrongs I've done to people and myself, and the wrongs I don't know I've done. My heart is also open to those who have wronged me for forgiveness and reversal. But those people don't appear.

Sometimes we can wrong people carelessly, accidentally or unconsciously. Those wrongs are hard to make right. The opportunity is usually past. But what if it isn't? Is it worth it to seek someone out that you hurt and find a way to soothe and heal that wrong? Definitely. Because if you know you did it you will have the regret and he will have the resentment to live with.

And there are times when you wrong people and you don't mean to. You might give someone an inappropriate gift or make light of a situation which effects them deeply, a callous or wry remark when sympathy is due can leave a wound.

There even are times when you set out purposely to do something good and right and it ends up being wrong and you've made a mess of things. Those unfortunate situations often require a painful and difficult reversal..

I remember hearing a concert pianist of some fame reviewing a performance of another pianist being played from a recording. This reviewer had nothing good to say about the performance. She tore it apart on the air and then found out that it was being played by one of her best friends. Aw Oh.

The worst case though is when you have wronged yourself. You can forgive yourself, but how do you get out of the mess you've made. I moved to this apartment to get away from a bad situation, to heal and find peace. Everything about it worked out so well there was no doubt it was the right move.

It was the wrong move. The bad situation has followed me and gotten much worse. With few advantages it has become almost impossible for me to reverse the wrong I've done myself.

Moral: Maybe you can't help offending people, but look for ways to make amends.

DB - The Vagabond
Never give up.
Will I ever be happy again?

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