Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Achin' Back

Let not the cares of this world drive your peace away.

Sheikh Abdul Jilliani
Hello Marty
I was doing some house cleaning today. Whenever I do that it turns into a stressful experience, because every time I clean something I find something else the needs my attention. And if I keep doing that the whole day turns me into my own janitor and I don't get anything else done, such as reading and writing.

So by the time I finally decided just to let things go and stay away from any further sanitary efforts, I put the soap and sponges away and settled down to what I really want to do. But by that time I had a back ache.

I sat down to rest thinking that soon the back ache would find it's way out the window. But it persisted. It was then that I was reminded that the back was not responding to the work I had been doing but to the stress of having to do it. What's wrong with a little stress now and then? Nothing much if it doesn't deprive me of my peace.

I had to think about this. What does cleaning my apartment have to do with being deprived of peace? After all I will feel better and more at peace with a clean counter. Was it resentment at having to clean the counter because it was taking me away from other things? Or was it the regret of having to leave things uncleaned for now? Or was it the simple annoyance of having to look after myself in general? Well, whatever it was I had a back ache. Clearly, the job wasn't finished.

I was reminded of how it was on the stage. I never was aware of a back ache or any other ache when I was performing. That was because I relaxed. I found a place of stillness and serenity on stage that enabled me to focus my energies on performing. If you do the work you love there should be no pain.

So I sat still and returned to that quiet state of peace and after a while I was unaware of any back ache.

So did I go back to cleaning? No. I went back to my books. Tomorrow for the cleaning.

DB - The Vagabond
Never give up.


Beth said...

I've been meaning to clean for a while now, but there are just so many more interesting things to do!

Arlene (AJ) said...

I go on the motto "if my house is clean enough for us that is all that matters", if you come and visit and think it needs some cleaning feel free to get a mop or dust rag and work until you drop from exhaustion. I ike to believe that if it's clean enough for us, it's clean for you or you aren't my friend.Stay away, lol.

Ken Riches said...

Distraction is the best pain reliever.