Sunday, October 7, 2012


If it works don't fix it.

Vagabond Journeys, number 1,900
Hello, friends, readers and others.
I've come to a crossroad in my journey. It is partly due to the new Google system for writing and posting entries on my blog which is totally unacceptable to me. It is slow, cumbersome and impractical. Three times instead of posting my entry it deleted it. It's spacing is awful. So this is probably the last time I will use it. I'm searching for a better one.

In the meantime I'm also considering some changes of format. I will continue to write to those on my Friends List (if you're not on it and wish to be just say so) but my writing will be looser, less structured, more stream of consciousness. I will still write about things that are important to me, but with a more relaxed approach.

Hopefully this will give me time to work on my other writing and to read more of yours.

Dana Bate
Never Give Up


Geo. said...

Just a suggestion, DB. I've been writing my blog entry texts on my G-mail site, then cut-pasting them onto the Blogger composition window thingie. Feel safer doing that than maybe accidentally hitting the wrong one of what suddenly seems like a hundred new icons on Blogger. Also, that way, you get a saved draft on G-mail.

Jon said...

Several people that I know have been having enormous problems with their blogs due to the new Google system.

For some strange reason, I haven't had any problems at all (so far). I'm ignorant as to what format I'm using but it works.
I really hope you find a suitable way of posting entries.
Don't give up!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Will look forward to hearing from you however you post it. Sorry you've had such frustrations with posting your blogs dear. Hang in there.

Donna said...

I haven't really seen any big changes with Blogger, certainly none that made things slow, or deleted entries. I'm sorry you are having problems! There's a blogging medium called Simple Site ( you might check out. I don't know anything about it, but it might be what you are looking for.

Rose~* said...

Hang in there, DB! I actually found it easier to write my posts for some strange reason - it's the other things that I have to explore a little to see what is new and different. Hint: if you place your mouse over the icons at the top of your post, they should tell you what they do. (it's called "mousing over"), so you get a little preview of what you can do. The cutting and pasting thing could work out for you. You could use whatever method you already have on your computer already (I use "Notepad") and configure it the way you want. It really saves a lot of time, even though I usually start my posts from scratch, to add some excitement. Please keep me on your list. Thanks!