Monday, October 22, 2012

New Idea

This nation is never finished. It has to be re-created in each generation.

Lee Hamilton


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Old ideas are like old shoes. They are very comfortable but you wouldn't want to wear them to the ball or to the audition. So why wear them to the political debates. What we most need are new ideas. As some wise man asked Why are people frightened of new ideas. We should be frightened of the old ones. I have a friend who earnestly believes there should be a third party in the political coleseum.

The nation needs an overhauling of its perception of itself. The stratified society may be a fact for some countries but in the United States it is morally corrupt. There is too much talk about the Upper Class and the Middle Class (we won't mention the Lower Class). Why are we focused on how much money someone has instead of focusing on how valuable they are to the rest of us.

Any talk of leveling the classes has a nasty chain reaction in people's minds. Spreading wealth must mean Socialism - Marxism - Communism. Those are old shoes that need to be thrown out or put in the closet and forgotten about.

The topic of money, dollars, million, billion and trillion dollars are being spit back and forth in the Presidential debates. But there isn't much talk about goodness, self-sacrifice and true worth. Instead the therapy offered for our worn out wardrobe is the same old worn out idea.

This country is in a terrible financial mess, but how does any thinking person expect to cure it by the same old means. As Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The only solution is to divest ourselves of the age old ideas of what America is and redesign ourselves according to higher levels of class and value.

Some thinkers have spent thousands of years trying to define and understand the concept of virtue. Why has it become no more than a cross word puzzle answer? Because few consider it valuable.

No man or woman in this country is more important than any other. Why are food stamps necessary? And they are. Why must Indian tribes, homeless shelters, ghetto dwellers and reformed criminals rely upon heartfelt donations to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner? Why must young girls whore themselves to afford food or because they've been tricked into a drug dependency? .Why is there extortion, fatal kidnapping, police brutality, cruelty to animals, bullying, teen age suicide, violence in sports, infidelity, laws against gay people, hatred, religious intolerance? And why do some people amass their wealth far beyond any practical use while they make only pathetic, tax shelter contributions to their popular causes?

Somewhere out there is someone who has a vision of America that has nothing to do with wealth, politics, votes or yesterdays ideas, someone who has a new mode of thinking and can provide our favored land with a future.

"Value is moral strength in pursuit of one's duty, a duty which should never be a matter of habit, but should always proceed fresh and original, from one's mode of thought." (Immanuel Kant)

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Geo. said...

Main problem is an old one, greed. There are too many people who spend less time treating others with common decency than they spend trying to control its definition.