Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unstick Thyself

Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it.

Stephen Harper


Hello Marty


There;s the story of the hypnotist and the cave. Somewhere, I think it was in the Southwest, was a cave owned by a hypnotist who dared anyone to walk all the way into the cave and back out. Many people had tried it and were taken out bleeding, haggard, frightened and ill. A journalist wanted to investigate this strange phenomenon. So he paid a visit to the hypnotist who took him to the cave. The journalist entered the cave and walked all the way to the back with no problem. But when he turned around he was mat with jagged rocks and boulders he hadn't seen before. He had to squeeze his body between them to get through. He cut his hands on them. He came across a fetid pond which he had to wade through. There were then vipers that attacked him and bit his legs. And when he finally reached the mouth of the cave it was completely blocked off by a solid brick wall. He put his hands on the wall and felt the bricks.

Then he got an idea. He knew that the wall was not there when he entered the cave. He reasoned that the wall must be an illusion brought on by hypnotic suggestions, as were the other obstacles he had faced. Then he reasoned that if they were illusions they must be of his own imagining. He had always been afraid of snakes and of being hemmed in and unable to move. He sat down and dealt with each one of those fears, denying that they were of any power or presence in that cave or in his present life. He affirmed the clean simple cave he had walked into originally. And finally he expunged the power of the hypnotist to control his rational thought. In other words he did some clear, correct, high energy thinking.

He stood up and waked toward the wall which vanished as he approached it. He left the cave with no bruises, wet feet or snake bites anywhere on him. Once out of the cave he found the smiling hypnotist who congratulated him.

The question is How many unsolvable, impenetrable illusions are you facing today? Have you been tricked into believing in the existence of dangers that aren't there? Are you beating your head against an adamant blockade to your future? Or are you sitting down and reasoning things out, waiting for the right information you need, which is surely available to a calm, reasoning, expectant mind?

As long as we believe we're stuck, we're stuck. When we cease to believe we're stuck and begin to know that we aren't stuck, the way out will eventually present itself.

DB - The Vagabond

Never give up.

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Geo. said...

Hurrah! Glad to see you encouraging independent thought here again.