Sunday, May 26, 2013


May 26, 2013

Vagabond Journey No. 2,001


The illusion of the good inside ourselves must be wiped out, and the veil, with which self love conceals our moral infirmity, must be torn away.

(Immanuel Kant)


Hello Sue


How much of who you think you are are you willing to relinquish? I've observed that the creature who eats, sleeps and walks around inside my skin is often someone I don't want to know. I think I'm a fairly good guy, until I start remembering the stupid and cruel things I've said and done or the intelligent and beneficial things I haven't said and done.

Oh, I can dwell on the good things about me, just as most people do about themselves. But I've also come to realize that those blossoms come from the same meadow as the weeds do.

It is certainly a good thing to respect oneself, but who this self is I am trying to respect has become elusive and enigmatic to me. Knit together, the characteristics, patterns, traits and talents that go to make my person, resemble the skins of the onion, the veils that are covering the naked Salome who doesn't reveal her true selfhood until the veils are off.

The troublesome thing about those veils is that the more we live the more veils we have woven for ourselves and the more we believe the pretensions they display and the less likely we are to peek behind them to see our naked selves.

But to live with our true selves with self respect and no regrets is a strip show, taking off those self made veils, one at a time until we uncover what needs to be cleaned, repaired, focused and saved. Unlike the onion which has no center there is an amazing being behind the veils.


Dana Bate

Vagabond Journeys

Never Give Up



Geo. said...

Inner goodness is no more an illusion than anything else in us. I can believe that even if Immanuel Kant. But I agree with your "strip show" metaphor getting at the being inside. It is also a detective story, I think, and a good one. Fine post, DB.

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