Monday, July 27, 2009

Innocent Inspection 7/27/09

My paint brush is like a telescope. It helps me to discover things.

DB - The Vagabond
Happy Monday to you.
According to a recent report the Russians are planning to send a poet up into space on one of their Soyuz missions. I was having a conversation about that with someone the other day. I, being an artist, think it's a great idea. She, not being an artist, or for whatever reason, thinks it's a stupid idea.

I remember back in the 50s or so, when American Airlines first introduced their 707, they hired a poet, Carl Sandburg as a matter of fact, to fly back and forth in the plane and write about it. Those poems not only sold people on the 707, they also, and even more importantly, described the experience of air travel to people who were still unaware of it, and described it in ways only a poet can.

I have always thought, and frequently said in the past, much to other people's amusement and scorn, that I believed there should be a poet in space. Poets see things ordinary human don't see. It seems appropriate somehow that the Russians, the first people in space, should be the ones, especially considering their vast and colorful literature, to be the first to send a poet.

I spite of what the super practical may think, the telescopic mind of a poet can enhance the experiences and possibilities of outer space. Poets are seers and can fortell what others cannot. A poet will discover because he won't look for what he expects to find. A poet will talk to space and listen as space replies. Poets are at home in the stars.

Poetry must be defended, with an army if necessary.

I look forward with anticipation to read what words the poet has to utter.

Laugh at the heat. Smile at the breeze.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

The first poets who actually wrote about the outer space and the creation of the world are found in the Old Testament of the Bible. You read the Bible and you know who they are.

I would like to go with the Russian Poet to the space. Perhaps, my lazy mind will be busy working creating new words to describe the beauty out there unseen by a human's naked eyes.

Would be nice to dare to dream that way. Cheers!

Indigo said...

I think it's a wonderous idea to have a poet describe what they see and the experience itself. It would open up our imaginations like never before. (Hugs)Indigo

Selchie said...

lovely poetic piece. Found myself drifting...of course I agree. Too much mundanity and square edges without creatives. what a great idea.

happy flying,


Wes said...


A wonderful Idea to send a Poet into Space. I Stare at them every night and wonder what it would be like to be there. I can feel that lucky Cosmonaut's honor, they are indeed privileged. I can't wait to read the magical words from endless sea of stars we call Outer Space.

Thank you for your words and this entry. I do hope all is well and you have a great week.