Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Journey 7/02/09

Every generation needs a new revolution.

Thomas Jefferson
Greetings, interesting one.
Search for ventures and adventures. Revolutions are not made from inventing an entirely new way of life, nor creating a world that doesn't exist, but from exploring the realities of the world we live in and discovering new things about it. The seeds of a new world are already in the ground and putting down roots. It is necessary and well worth it to observe the growth, care for the tender shoots and pull up the old, perennial weeds that would choke them.

Revolutions come from exploring, discovering, adapting and correcting mistakes. ":What ever happened to the good, old days?" They're gone, and these are the good, new days. Or thay can be if we don't try to hold on to ideas that have had their day and are ready for the museum. John Cage said that he didn't understand why people are afraid of new ideas. We should be afraid of the old ones, he said.

There are great things to be learned form the past, to be sure. But why round up a bunch of old cattle and try to sell them as the only healthy herd when you've got calves in the barn. Lyndon Johnson said "We can draw lessons form the past, but we cannot live in it."

And now, here we are, a mere decade into a new century, and we have the opportunity to revolutionize the world into a place with no war, no killing and no development and proliferation of earth destroying nuclear weapons, with the majesty, magnificence and magic of outer space scratching at our door, and the International Space Station doing its arabesque around the globe.

My country, one of the greatest achievements of the human race, though flawed and frustrating, is about to celebrate another year of survival. That is a miracle, considering those who would like to back it up, divide it and deprive it of its essential vitality. On this birthday it's a time to regenerate and revolutionize our thinking , no matter how old we are.

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Smile for me.


Beth said...

Despite my love of all things retro, I certainly don't want to relive those times. Sure, we may have had cool furniture and awesome cars and great signage...but we also had the Cold War, women were repressed, and the Civil Rights revolution had yet to happen. I remain an optimist about the future. Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am always proud to celebrate our nations birthday. We are so lucky to have been born here.