Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zeal Zone 7/18/09

Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness.

Enter please.
A note about yesterday's entry. I do not figure a readership by how many comments I get but by how many times my journal is actually clicked on, whether it's read or not. I appreciate each and every comment. I don't write for the comments or for myself. I'm not used to that. A performing artist doesn't work for himself alone. The success of a play is judged by how many people come to see it. At the Charles Playhouse in Boston we performed a matinee for one person on a terribly rainy day. At the Tribeca Lab in NYC we performed for one person who left at intermission. I will write for one person if necessary, but I am currently disappointed at the size of the audience, That's all.
I strive for happiness.

I strive for the end of striving.

I strive for the end of trouble.
I strive for the end of recent trouble on top of chronic trouble on top of 70 years of trouble.

I strive for solvency.
I strive to know how much my debts are and where the money is coming from to pay for them.

I strive for health.
I strive to be able to see well enough to read again, to chew again and to walk without pain again, to clear my chest and stop coughing.

I strive for a home.
I strive for a comfortable place to live, with nice things around me, friends nearby and an interesting neighborhood.

I strive to know.
I strive for knowledge, for understanding and for wisdom.

I strive for approval.
I strive to be acknowledged, understood and accepted.

I strive for love.
I strive to love, to be loved and to be lovable.

I strive for power.
I strive for strength to meet the day, largeness of heart and clearness of mind.

I strive for faith.
I strive for belief in myself, in certainty about my future and for confidence in my destiny.

I strive for freedom.
I strive to be allowed to live out my life unencumbered and untethered to trouble, lack or confusion.

I strive for enlightenment.
I strive to reveal mysteries, to see beyond limits, to uncover truth.

I strive for the end of striving.

I strive for happiness.

May an angel appear at your window.

it's weel uf 4 toon

It's a song title. Ask me for letters.

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ /

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ /

_ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ ?

Good luck.


Beth said...

Hello from Georgia! See, you're getting comments from me even when we're on the road. Love ya, Beth

Char said...

Ah, you'll always have an audience!
If it's an audience of one--its me!

Janice said...

Will the letters be placed on the grid or do we have to figure out for ourselves where they go?
I have recommendations for strengthening your legs to walk better, but of course I'm not a doctor...only play one on the internet.

Anne said...

"May an angel appear at your window." AND may I add, "May all 5 of my Grandkids show up on your door!" Nice trade, no? (it's my atempt at humor) Anne

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I don't know how I found your blog, I could not remember....I read it without striving and your philosophies are much down to earth.

Your I Strive is very profound.

I am close to 60 and without bragging, I am drug free. Meaning I live through many difficult times, had few sickness far in between...and I can say, I am thankful for my life living without the company of dreadful medications.

To me, I only have one life, and that I must take good care of that one Precious Breath...

a corgi said...

I actually thought the other day, "I'm happy" when there's absolutely nothing going on in my life that is going right, right now; we are in a difficult season (geesh, we've been in a difficult season almost since we got married almost 29 years ago; we have faced a lot of difficulties and problems, etc), but anyway, I have to agree with what Zhuangzi said with "happiness is the absenc eof striving for happiness".

I think we let life such the happiness out of us. We have to remember who we are and why we were created and if we get that, I think we will find happiness beyond any personal tragedies and drama we may be going through at the time