Friday, July 10, 2009

Rich Revealing 7/10/09

Art is so much more significant than either economics or philosophy. It is the direct measure of man's spiritual vision.

Herbert Read
Imagine if one day you had a beautiful vision and you wrote it down as a poem upon an arrow and signed it, then strung a bow and shot that arrow into the sky so high and so far that it didn't fall to the earth for a hundred years in some far off remote place. And imagine that, after many years, someone was passing by that remote place, saw the arrow, picked it up and read the poem. And then suppose that he took the arrow home and copied out the poem. Then suppose he got the poem published so that other people could read it. And suppose some of those people memorized the poem and went around reciting it to other people. And suppose the poem was included in collections of poetry and college textbooks on poetry so that you and the poem became famous.

One of the most frustrating ironies of life is that works of art not only struggle to be born but then have to struggle to survive. The world has already prepared a large collection of blocks and holes for the genius of an artist to fall into or stumble over. The easiest thing for an artist to do is to give up. And many do. And when they do a special vision is lost to the world.

It takes an army to protect poetry from the unconscionable hatred of the limited, mortal world for anything that challenges it's supposed dominance over our lives.

A poet is one who sees beyond the observable, which holds it's ugly head up in arrogance, to the unobservable. Unobservable that is except by vision and inspiration. And as soon as he articulates what he sees the claws come out. The very heart, soul and spirit of a artist can be shredded by ignorance, arrogance, disrespect and dismissal.

So why do it? Why is there art? An artist is an artist because he has to be. It is a singular, solitary encampment against an indifferent enemy, It is a desperate love affair with the gossamer zephyrs. It is an agreement with an invisible partner who may be angelic or diabolic, the artist doesn't know nor care. But what he does know is that if the invisible partner ever leaves him he takes the meaning of the artist's life with him.

The future and the past are inextricably linked. The future and the past are dependant upon each other. The past becomes the future once it squeezes through the tight fisted grasp of the present, with its fads and prejudices. Every work of art is an arrow that has been shot, some near, some far, and thus became the future. Today is the day for the artist to string his bow.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Applaud the good stuff.


This is not a contest.

A young man out west just took home 88 million dollars from the lottery.

Whether you play the lottery or not, if you suddenly had 88 million dollars, or the equivalent of whatever your currency is, what are the first three things you would do with it?

You have all summer to answer if you wish.

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Coy said...

Rich revealing food for thought DB, I enjoyed this entry.

BTW ...I also enjoyed your "may joy fall on your head" goodwill gesture from your last entry, it's been rolling around in my head all day. It made me smile more than once.
*** Coy ***

Slapinions said...

It was an insightful and well written post.

As to the quiz - I think the first three things would be:

1. Pay off all my debts, including my mortgage
2. Pay off the debts of my parents and in-laws
3. Take everyone I know out to dinner.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I did shot an arrow into the air (an inspirational poem published in a poetry forum) and someone got it (and exploited it to his own gain.

One day, of all the places in the world, I was stunned to find my work of art sold in a little pocket card in a book shop right here in the very area where I live.

In my excitement, I told the owner of the shop that it was my poem! Sadly, there was no attribution of the writer or the author in the card.

Perhaps, the man reading on his facial expression frowned giving me a look that says "YOU?" Are you kidding me?

Well, am not white in my skin. Ah, my statement is self-explanatory on this part.

One thing sure I did observe, how come and why it always take an artist's death before his works become popular where he could no longer enjoy financial benefit that was so deprived of him when he was alive? And why others have no qualms in exploiting other people's sweat and blood and not even care to share it with the rightful owner?

Well, they are not there, but there should be a way.

As to winning 88 million dollars?

Well, let me think....

If I'll invest it, the crocs will turn into dinosaur.

If I'll spend it as if there is no tomorrow, I'll turn into a pauper as quickly as I become a Princess.

If I give it to .... who?

In other words, I have no idea what to do with it.

Beth said...

I'm a little too brain dead to fully appreciate this, but I do love your comment that every work of art is an arrow shot. Who will appreciate it when it lands? Hugs, Beth