Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Answers to the question put in my last entry. Thank you all for your responses.

If you know what you believe - then you have a belief structure - and isn't that what religion is? And it is your choice whether your structure believes in a higher power. It's literally a leap of faith -about trust - about believing in the omnipotence of God to be manifested in all living creatures. And, it is up to us whether we hear that guiding voice or not. I believe that Baseball and the movie Star Wars are clear examples of a higher being and humans in service to him/her. May the Force be with you.
I'm one of your religious friends
even though I have a lot to learn
I'm a christian
I like watching 'Shepherd's Chapel'
Welcome to Shepherd's Chapel

God gives us the freedom of choice
even when it comes to our Father
He wants us to love Him by our own choice

no controller, manipulator, organizer, director
Is there a controller,a manipulator, an organizer, a director? I would prefer to think that in my life it is me. From Invictus" I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul". Is my life real, well since I have nothing else to compare it to I would say it was till I experience otherwise. Totally non fiction though or so I think.
we are the ones in charge here.
I think one of the sad things is perhaps how little we realize how much control we have in creating our own reality. Once we do I believe we will create an amazing place.
I'm with those commentators who believe that we are the ones in charge. We may not always have control over random things that happen to us, but we do control how we react to them.
It would be presumptuous of us to believe that there was a director out there controlling our day-to-day lives. The bigger picture, that is another story :o)

Ah, I do believe there is a Director of sorts. Creating scenes, backdrops, and timing entrances and exits. And maybe even prompting a line or two, or encouraging a shy new actor to take up their place and be the story, feel the part, and act the depths of the scene. I feel the director has great confidence in the actors and allows their interpretation of the play to proceed un thwarted. Yet if miscued on a dark stage, the Director might shine a Light to highlight a mark, accentuate the plot, and cast shadows away. A director that applauds the improvisation and imagination of the actors, yet timing and guiding the show."Real Life Isn't Like This".... but it's better than the alternative. I embrace my part with Light and Love,


salemslot9 said...

Detroit Tigers are in first place
touch wood

Big Mark 243 said...

I have problems with 'Star Wars' as J. Campbell had flaws in his thinking. Some of them were obvious in Lucas' interpretation of the influences Campbell made in his 'Star Wars' series. At this point, the links to those flaws and the current climate between different ethnic and social groups in the US for sure, mirror each other.

Baseball is too boring. I think that the poetic license has stretched to give baseball the image that it is like a life. I think that it may reflect a kind of life, one where there is an thoughtlessness borne out of lack of knowledge and the constant freneticism of life, but that is me.

Of course, boxing is a lot like life. And yes, my bias is showing. Really I think that football, both the 'beautiful game' and its American cousin really reflect the two fundemental ways that life is meant to be lived.

Yes, I did say 'meant'.

There is a enegry to both, a dynamism that brings you to the precipice of victory and doom almost simeoutaneoulsy. You have to resist and at the same time allow the ebb and flow of the games to take you where they lead.

You are faced with obstacles of your own making, from your talents to lack of preparation. The leadership and the team work that comes with trying to unite disparte agendas in the name of reaching one goal.

I guess because I am American, I lean to the NFL. Latin America and Europe, football. And while I am not good at it, the Chinese game of 'Go' explain life better than most philosphy books or a lot of religous scripture. Makes 'the way' tangible and if you look, you can see it.

Hope I didn't ramble too much. Interesting thread you have here!