Monday, September 21, 2009

Horrible Housekeeping 9/21/09

I don't mind if there's clutter in my life. It always assures me that I have something to do.

DB - The Vagabond
Well, look who's here.
Ah, the games we play, the tricks we play.

I might as well have a job I don't like. Monday through Friday I spend in a state of dread and stress trying to get this law suit settled in a satisfactory manner. Every time I think I have a loose end tied up it pops out somewhere else. I'm surrounded by threats and starving for information. I can only get slivers of it at a time. I don't know what's going on in the court or out of it because there isn't much people can tell me yet. I know about courts. The court is a contest between two sides in which only one side knows the rules.

While facing the dread of some other document showing up at my front door and facing it alone, I have a hard time dealing with anything else. Almost everything in my life has to wait. So when the weekend comes I can relax somewhat. But it usually takes me until Saturday evening before I start seriously thinking about anything else. I'm glad to be an American, But sometimes it's hard when the law allows the rich to sue the poor for money.

I woke up at 6 a.m. this Sunday in order to listen to one of my favorite radio programs: Sunday Morning Opera, with Sandy Steiglitz, WPRB, Princeton, New Jersey. (She'll make an opera lover out of you.) I used to go on the air when I was a morning DJ. Now that I'm retired I let Ms. Steiglitz do it for me. The apartment was cold when I got up. I have theoretical heat. There's a thermostat. The radiator clicks a little bit and it heats up the carpet next to it. That's it. So I went looking for the heater I bought last year when I was shivering.

There's nothing like searching for something to tell you how much chaos you have in your home. There's nothing like focusing your mind on a problem that demands to be solved to show you how much unnecessary mental and emotional baggage, doubts, fears, confusions, dreads, overlooked duties, forgotten responsibilities and unfinished work is lurking in the dusty corners. Until the trouble is over it will just have to wait.

DB - The Vagabond

This is your last chance.

Summer is almost over, Autumn is on the way (check your calendar if you don't believe me). Answers to the SUMMER QUIZ will be posted on the first day of Autumn, tomorrow. But then the AUTUMN QUIZ will start. And that's where you come in.

Your mission is to provide me with a question, or two or three, for the AUTUMN QUIZ. You may enter as many times as you wish (no proof of purchase necessary) but you have only today, so get cracking. There are only 4 responses so far.

The decision of the biased, curmudgeonly judge is final.

The winner not only gets his/her question posted for the season, but also gets to sit on my front porch and listen to me ramble on for hours about nothing in particular.

Good luck.



pacifica62 said...

A couple of questions for your consideration: In the movie about DB the Vagabond, who would play the role of you? If you were to lose your senses and only get to keep one, which one would it be.

pacifica62 said...

Life has a way of providing us with troubles. No sooner does one go and another will come to take its' place. Sorry to hear the dragon of fear and uncertainty is rearing its' ugly head again and frightening you. If your abode is anything like mine, the dusty corners will still be there till you get time to deal with them. They are not going anywhere.

DB said...

Pacifica, in regard to your two questions:

I have no idea who could portray me in a film. It would have to be someone with a sense of humor and also capable of carrying a great burden in his heart. Are you thinking of producing a film about me? If so I'd like a hand in the script writing.

I already have a good sense of hearing and I love music. I may be losing my sight. Since I can't chew my food it really doesn't matter how it tastes. My nose is generally stuffed up most of the time. And as for feeling, I could do with a lot less pain.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

Oh dear, sometimes someone's rambling can be a target for amusement. Not that I am berating or belittling someone. Probably it is more like I am not used to it (rambling). Occasionally perhaps.

I know DB how life is tough at your end but for some reason, I can't help laughing reading your blog.

Welcome me back!

Seriously, I am counting down the day I'm flying for NZ. I will surely miss reading your blogs. I'll try to see check out any internet somewhere I can sneak in to see how you are going.

If pacifica62 will go ahead with the production of your life story DB, count me as someone who can portray the role of a giggler.

I am very good at that especially with your kind of humour.

Seriously again, with housekeeping duty you just rambled on, I have just come across the pictures I took in one of our holiday destinations that says,

"I hate four letter words
cook dust wash iron"

Now which one you are not good at and I'll come to the rescue.

Have a lovely day DB. :)

Nina P. said...

Ah, to clear the external and internal world of clutter... would we really be living then? Life leaves its mark on us, on our soul, on our mind, in our homes. I just figure if I de-clutter, legally or otherwise, it makes room for more life experiences... more clutter... to love and cherish for a while, then to "clean" again.
The music of the de-clutter bug starts as a soft melody filled with harmony and life; adding timpani of anticipation; constant beat, beat, beating of repetition; to chash-endo of symbols and deafening drums, rippling back down to the rumble of brass; giving way to the strings of a new melody and harmony, a buzz in the ear to start over again.... Love and Light. Nina P.

Big Mark 243 said...

Well, after reading your entry today I figure I will just 'talk'.

You and Ken were both very right about the Mayweather fight this weekend. My NPR weekend can often be measured by how good 'This American Life' and 'Prairie Home Companion' are ...

Lots of time I listen to old shows as I ready journals and surf. Other times I set up a You Tube playlist and listen to it as I surf.

We have DirecTV here, and I have just discovered Al Gore's channel, CURRENT. It has a unique set up, as most of it is video content provided by viewers. They have started more programming, and it remains to be seen how well that is going to do.

No, it isn't available in Virginia.

The SFC's family is from Jersey somewhere. A state that small, I am sure we would be close enough to say 'Hi' when we pass thru.

While it is hard not to be concerned with the things that you are going thru right now, I am sure that you will see better times. Hang in there!!

Arlene (AJ) said...

From personal experiences DB, life has many ups and downs to deal with, but if you just keep positive and don't allow them to stress you out, you'll get through it alright dear...take it from someone who's had many life challenges to deal with. Hang in there, take care.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your debt issues are behind you soon, and that you found your heater.