Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fecund Findings 9/19/09

Sometimes the pathless life is best. A stroll through the garden is pleasant, but it's man made nature. A walk in the forest is wild and dangerous, but it's the real thing.

DB - The Vagabond
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One of the things I find so frustratingly hard to comprehend is why I and everyone else cannot gain release from the grasp of the senses. Even though the wisdom of the ages has urged us to look beyond the obvious, to the reality that can't be seen and heard and to except the possibilities, therefore, of discovering real truth.

The quote at the top of this entry, posted a few days ago on Vagabond Jottings, brought some comments that let me know how truly important the words are.

Years ago there was a TV commercial about a company that was trying to sell a subscription to classical music records. It was aimed at first time classical music listeners. One of the comments in the ad, no doubt thinking it would help sell the records, was "We've taken out all the unfamiliar music." It was a horrifying idea. First, what gives the company the right to take a scalpel to some great composers life work and compositions. And second, why would anyone not want to listen to "unfamiliar" music? Because it's dangerous? A walk in the forest?

We can go through life along the same old mental road, viewing the same old landmarks and feel very comfortable about it, without knowing the road is more than just a road, a familiar path which never approaches the forest of discovery. It's convenient. It's safe. It seems right and doesn't require many questions.

We have been shown or have shown ourselves that it's the right way to go. And if we choose not to follow it one day we will simply find another road, just as safe and convenient. I do not speak of roads, streets or highways.

I do not speak just of gardens or forests, Why should I? Because to speak otherwise is unfamiliar music. It's wild and dangerous. It's much safer to stay on the well constructed path through the carefully designed garden of mythological sensations than to venture into the chaos of unknown truth.

Every garden is a library, a collection of the known world, gathered, simplified, clear to the eyes and carefully planted in an organized manner and tended by human love and effort. Every forest is a tangle of known and unknown ideas, of unfamiliar music, of discoveries, of a reality beyond what we have seen and heard and thought.

I am not talking about gardens. I am not talking about forests. I'm talking of realities, discoveries, a journey of the mind through the unusual and unexpected. Sometimes the pathless life is best.

DB - The Vagabond


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Beth said...

I liked that quote when I read it on your other site. Sometimes the best experiences are ones that are unexpected! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

There is something to be said for having a safe and regular routine, that is daily living. However, we also like to branch out and experience new things as we take this journey, called life :o)