Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inimical Interpretation 9/22/09

Beware of small minded people. Sometimes the things you do to win their approval simply earn their envy, malice and disrespect.

DB - The Vagabond
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In today's Vagabond Journey you will find the results of the SUMMER QUIZ and the start of the AUTUMN QUIZ.
One of the reasons many performing artists work as hard as they do is for the applause. No matter what else is going on in life, for those few moments after the play is over we feel loved. It means we are approved of. And that is a very important thing in light of all the work that went into preparing for it.

Some wise one once said that the best way to gain approval is not to need it. So be it, but when the approval comes it should be acknowledged. I have known some actors, mainly British actors (don't ask me why) who instead of bowing will give a humble little hypocritical nod to the audience, as if what they did wasn't really that important. I think that's disrespectful of the audience. I have also seen actors who when the audience starts to stand up and clap will finish bowing and leave the stage. What could be more disrespectful? If the audience is going to approve of the actor's work by standing, the actor should stay there and accept the approval and approve of the audience's response. It allows the event to be complete and satisfying for everyone.

Are there rude and disrespectful audiences? Yes. That's a problem that has grown wprse over the past few decades. For one thing, people have become so used to getting their drama on TV where they can talk out loud at will and walk into the kitchen while it's on and no one cares. It also doesn't affect the actors if you talk in a movie theatre although it is certainly disrespectful of others in the audience. I remember sitting in front of a family while watching "Towering Inferno" that kept up a constant chatter all through the film. I don't think it would ever occur to them they were disturbing anyone. I have also heard people taking when I, or someone else, was on stage. And then there are the ubiquitous cell phones that go off during a performance and people actually answering the call rather than turning the damn thing off.

I remember one winter evening seeing a Broadway show starring George Voskovek, you may remember him as one of the Twelve Angry Men. It was a good play though not one that was going to make a big run. There was a small cast and when they came out for the curtain call four people in the front row center, got up, turned their backs on the stage, fussed with putting on their overcoats and walked up the aisle while the rest of us applauded. That was an insult to the actors. If you don't like the play then don't clap. But the least you can do is keep your seat until the curtain closes. Anything else is inexcusable rudeness.

It is hard to know what motivates some people. Is it envy, hatred, malice, ignorance or just simple stupidity? There are still enough civilized people in the world to make a civilization, but they seem to be slowly disappearing.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
Butterflies and rainbows to you.

A young man out west took home 88 million dollars from the lottery.

Whether you play the lottery or not, if you suddenly had 88 million dollars, or the equivalent of whatever your currency is, what are the first three things you would do with it?

There are 23 responses.


Give half of it to charity, make sure my family was settled in money for the rest of their lives, and put the rest in the bank (make sure I am settled =))


88 Million ~ I would first buy a house... a decent one, but not an outrageous one. Everyone says they'd quit their job... I'm not sure, I really love my job. I think I'd donate some $$ to my school district (since Arnie ain't doin' anything to help!). I'd donate ALOT more to other charities, too!!! = )


1.I would make another trip to our great estate attorney.
2.I would start traveling the world. I would start with Europe. If my husband retires, I would take him along.
3.I would give certain amts to certain charities locally that I feel are deserving and I will know stay in this community.
Also I feel it is extremely important to know what NOT to do with you winnings!


Okay the 88 mill? I'd throw it in the bank for my grand kids. Boringly honest lol.


If I were to win $88 million in the lottery, I would: 1. pay off all my debts 2. secure some financial security for my children 3. buy a cottage in Ireland


I would say, I'll help my friend realize her dream about putting up an institution where the least fortunates can enjoy education to the maximum without paying a dime. All they do is if they have what it takes, then they can have it!

We would like to educate the people who can't afford to go to school but have the appetite to learn.

Too much commercializing with our education these days. Another project she has in mind is putting up a Library for all to learn.

She has plenty of dreams and is working on it literally. One step at a time and she certainly employs her patience and faith.

Wouldn't it be a big help for this money to go towards doing worthwhile Charity?


Eight million, I give to schools to establish SADD programs in all the schools in our area to make kids aware of the dangers of destructive decisions like drinking and drugs. my nephew was a member of SADD at his school when he and his Mom, my Sis Elaine were killed by a drunk driving doctor. So this has always been something very important to me.
I'd help my family and friends out who need help with expenses and Jerr and I would enjoy taking it easy and traveling and enjoying our country.


Put enough away to fund retirement, take the remaining and split evenly between helping Friends/Family(including bloggers) and Charity.


if i had 88 million dollars i would give part to the schools (both public and private) in my area to help keep them open/ running. i would keep teaching/ working.

i would buy an old house on some land and plant wildflowers in my yard/ pasture.

i would buy a horse and learn to do something like barrel roping. my whole childhood (what little there was of it) i wanted a damn horse.


I would love to sit and think about spending 88 Million Dollars ~ but I like the others would want to help others ~ that would be lovely ~


To the issue at hand...if I won 88 million dollars
1) Attend to the taxes so it could not be taken away ...
2)Set up self, and family and certain friends with essentials and means for .....needs and some wants
3)Fund certain health related research and implementation and
3b)Fund starving artists


1. start a business
2. buy a house
3. give a little money to family and charities

I guess I would have some left over, but that's where I'd start, I'd imagine.

If I could have said more, I'd visit some people around the country, like you, DB. I'd also go to some conferences and schooling I've wanted to attend! Oh, the things I would do! But then with money sometimes comes trouble... Everybody wants something from you, and your life becomes complicated! So I guess I'll make my money the old-fashioned way, and not have so much of it perhaps...

Thanks for a great question,


As to winning 88 million dollars?

Well, let me think....

If I'll invest it, the crocs will turn into dinosaur.

If I'll spend it as if there is no tomorrow, I'll turn into a pauper as quickly as I become a Princess.

If I give it to .... who?

In other words, I have no idea what to do with it.


1. Pay off all my debts, including my mortgage
2. Pay off the debts of my parents and in-laws
3. Take everyone I know out to dinner.


build a new house for my daughter & family. One that was totally wheelchair accessible for her, so she could be in the whole house instead of just three rooms like she's been for the last 7 years. Then a new place for my son & of course for myself. 2. Donate money to many worthy charities 3.Throw a giant all expenses paid party for my Blooger friends. Envelopes with lots of money would be handed out at the door to each guest
I would take you out to lunch again and have the crab cakes. I would also leave you with a couple of books that I am sure you would leaf through quickly.
Then I would invite a group of our blogger friends to spend a week with us so we could all enjoy each others company. Maybe even lease a cruise ship so Linda would be sure to come.
I would become one of the most generous persons in this area.
It would be fun spreading the cash around to others who have a need. That would make me happy.

I am not a wonderful noble person. The first thing I would do is employ my brother's lawyer friend, the second thing I would do is locate a country estate, private and secure to move to, and the third thing I would do is purchase a Mini Cooper.

Beyond that I have plans and dreams.


1. get the best medical attention money can buy

2. buy some land with a house already on it
or build a log cabin
or maybe both

3. contribute financially to close family members


Take my family to get all health issues corrected.

2. Buy a simple home for me and my family. One with a beautiful yard to grow with. Like Steinbeck stated in "Of Mice and Men".
"An' live on the fatta lan'."

3. Use my Ideas to start a Universal Charity Organization. One that helps all people with all kinds of problems.

1) I'd give about $40 million back to the government in taxes.

2) Pay off the mortgage, a few other debts...the usual stuff.

3) Relocate to where locks aren't quite so important.


First, I'd pay off our mortgage. Next, I'd travel to Egypt. No third one at the moment. The remainder would go to charities and investments.

Pay off and fix up my house.

Buy or invest in an already existing theatre company.

Pay off all debt owed by Cindy, me, immediate family and close friends (yourself included...though for you it might be to buy you a condo in Manhattan) before going off on a nice vacation around the world.

If I won 88 million dollars, I would try to improve society. And take a long vacation.


Thank you all. Great answers. Now try the AUTUMN QUIZ.



All of the questions submitted are good ones but the esteemed, distinguished panel of judges has chosen for the Autumn Quiz the question submitted by Ken of BUCKOCLOWN, not just because he's a hell of a nice guy but because it's a good autumnal question.

: If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

You have all Fall to answer if you wish, Reply here or at dbdacoba@aol.com

Thank you



pacifica62 said...

I think that people are motivated by all that you mentioned but I think mostly it is sinple stupidity. Add to that a sense of entitlement and a total lack of manners. Those of us with any class or civility are a dying breed. A shame really. Good manners open far more doors than the best education.

Big Mark 243 said...

There really isn't much more to add to pacifica's comment. I will say that along with stupidity, it shows how selfish that someone is. They think it is all about them and their feelings, be it the rude actors who won't acknowledge the audience, or the jerk off's who leave during the curtain call.

In both cases it is all about what they think and feel, disrupting things for everyone else.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I am honored that you selected my Autumn question, I will make sure that I submit a worthy entry.

Beth said...

I find it interesting--and encouraging--that most answers to the summer question included some sort of charity or giving to others. That's pretty cool, don't you think? I sure do!

I'll get to pondering the autumn question. That IS a good one! Hugs, Beth

Indigo said...

I have to say I agree with the first two comments. It is most often a sense of entitlement and selfishness that prompts these rude people. Sadly you see it more and more with the younger generation.

If I would add anything it would be impatience. Rarely does one take the time to truly appreciate what is in front of them. Another great post dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Liz said...

Inimical- harmful
Interpretation- explanation,translation.
As a reader of your journal from 'across the pond' perhaps you may have misinterpreted the 'nod' that acknowledges the applause from the audience by British actors/actresses.
Hypocritical? - Dissembling?
Does it conceal a feeling that British people find harder to show?

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