Monday, September 7, 2009

Tables Turned 9/07/09

Too many people live according to other people's opinions.

DB - The Vagabond
Howdy Pardner
I had almost made up my mind I wasn't going to write anything today. Why bother? Everyone is off on a holiday and no one is going to read my journal anyway. Besides I have spent a portion of the day catching up on the news and feeling very depressed as a result.

Having just come through alive after the attack of the credit card monsters, I want some happy news. And yet I'm overwhelmed by hearing about what my fellow Americans are doing to each other. Even given the fact that the media over sensationalizes things and tends to stick with the negative news, I can see evidence of the ideals of community, society, even civilization itself being thrown out in the trash. Misunderstanding has become litigation. Discussion has become irrational shouting. Disagreement has become hatred. Protest has become gang warfare. Rational thought has become hot headed opinion.

The right wing fanatics are out to destroy the administration (and the country in the bargain) for no other reason than that they are Democrats. That sort of childish resentment is not only transparent to any thinking person but beneath the dignity and intelligence of any American. Where does this mindless violence come from? Like any mob mentality it was sowed. Seeds were broadcast into the minds of the gullible. Lies were told, false dangers were suggested, base feelings were sung to by the worst of human voices. Reason was torn off the walls and crumpled up and a masquerade was put up in its place. In some chariots of authority stand racism and the denial of human rights. Anger, hate and revenge are the rules. We have gone mad.

In this frame of mind I thought it would be best not to write anything. The events of the days are enough to depress me further. I don't need to manufacture fuel to add to my fire. In the midst of my terrifying weeks of recent time my reading lamp broke. It was a definite hardship. I could not even read the papers that had been filed against me. The only place to purchase another one would be the mall and it is impossible for me to get there. I asked around to see if anyone had a spare lamp I could borrow. Nothing was forthcoming.

In the midst of my afternoon of darkness, gloom and depression, feeling as if all the goodness had gone out of the world, there was a knock on my door. When I opened it there was my house mate, Dan, from the apartment below. He had been to Walmart and had picked up a small table lamp for me.

It may not seem like a big thing, but my not being able to read has been a sorrowful deprivation for me. Dan and I don't know each other well, he's only been living here a couple of months, but his simple act of kindness was enough of an antidote for all the negativity I had been feeling today. Would there were more such acts. Thank you Dan.

Here I wasn't going to write today and I've written a lot. I hope somebody reads it.

Wow. You have another day to play. Use it well.


pacifica62 said...

I'm reading it DB. Happy to hear that you have another lamp. Small things can make a big difference in someone's world. Plenty of doom and gloom out there, but plenty of good stuff too. We just hear so much about the bad stuff and society seemingly gone crazy. You had a small miracle happen today and there will be more to come. Good news.

a corgi said...

what a sweet gesture your neighbor did for you, DB, with getting that lamp for you

it is sad what us Americans are doing to each other; I'm more right than left, but I tend to try to live like this

"love your God with all your heat and all your soul and all your mind, AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF"

a corgi said...

oops; clicked to post before I was done with comment

imagine how the world would be if we just did what I put in caps. imagine how the world would be if we loved God


Selchie said...

I'm reading in and out,summers are busy with the long days).
I try not to watch main stream media and definitely take what i do hear or read with a pinch of salt. I dont believe in right and left wing b/c any politicians or party voted are all the same and work for the same people. While the bankers have a stranglehold on the world I think peace is going to be hard to achieve. But I try to create my own world around me.
Glad to see you out the other side of the credit monsters. My best wishes are always with you,
And there I've written too much...)

have a great day Sarah)

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey DB
I am here with y ou. I am in the feelings you are sharing...I understand the need to withdraw....and then you post reminded me of a song I learned in school....I can't remember it exactly...Something about a little light and how Its gonna shine Yours shines with every post for me. Dan is a good man

Anne said...

I am so sorry that I have been absent of late. I'll play catch-up in the next couple of days. LET THERE BE LIGHT and so there was. If I lived closer.....I'd come over to check on you. Because I don't live close, I'll check on you via your blog. You never bore and you are always interesting. Keep the faith my friend. Anne

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Kudos to Dan for his simple gesture that means everything to you DB.

Beth said...

I'm still here! Not doing much reading for the past couple of days, but I'm catching up today.

I also share your concern and frustration with what is going on of late. It is insanity. I try to find the goodness in people, and let small acts of kindness (whether I'm giving or getting) remind me of the positive. I'm so grateful to your friend Dan for perpetrating an act of kindness that helped you regain the positive. Love, Beth

salemslot9 said...

Too Many People
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Too Many Reaching For A Piece Of Cake
Too Many People Pulled And Pushed Around
Too Many Waiting For That Lucky Break
That Was Your First Mistake
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Too Many People Sharing Party Lines
Too Many People Never Sleeping Late
Too Many People Paying Parking Fines
Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight
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Too Many People Breaching Practices
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Now What Can Be Done For You
She's Waiting For Me

Janice said...

A small lamp with a story that lights up my world as well. Happy reading.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Before I reach the part that Dan came knocking to your door with a lamp, I thought, gee DB, I got two spares here. I could happily give out the big one with a bright shade for you and make things visible over there. Such darkness of thought to match the threatening rain storms I encountered last night while on board the train to my friend's shop. I prayed, "dear Lord, please let the rain subsides when I get to my destination". And it did!
Wow, what a write! This is powerful and overwhelming. May your thoughts be cleared by the light from the lamp Dan has given you. He must have read your thought. Keep writing. There is always people out there who reads you, no matter they live.

Silver said...

Glad to hear about this very kind neighbour. Bless his heart.

i too...for the same prefer not to write when i am depressed. But i know, everything will pass.. so will the dark days, DB.


Rose~* said...

Glad you have a new lamp - I've changed internet providers and am using my notebook, and I am having a difficult time reading with the small fonts here. Hopefully, I can get my desktop going, soon. Over here in Canada, it could look like we are headed towards yet another Federal election - such a waste of taxpayers money, all because of the bickering amongst the parties. It doesn't depress me, but does get me a tad angry.