Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pure Poetry 9/29/09

A great work of art, like a job well done, needs no critique.

DB - The Vagabond
Welcome to wonder land.
There are some great works of art and literature that still baffle me. The Bach B minor Mass, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Wagner's Tristan and Parsifal, certain works by Mahler and Stravinsky, paintings by Raphael, DaVinci, Matisse, Van Gogh and Picasso, some novels of Dostoyevsky. Shakespeare's Hamlet and King Lear are among them.

Perhaps "baffle" is the wrong word. I am in awe of them because there are mysteries there that haven't become clear to me yet. And so I sit in wonderment whenever I confront one of them.

Generally I don't like or admire critics, although there are some excellent ones. But I don't envy what the critic has to do when called upon to assess a great work of art. How can you describe in words something as monolithic as Beethoven's Ninth, or DaVinci's Last Supper? It would be like trying to describe a mountain. Each time you climb it the experience is different.

That's what makes for the mysteries. Every time I go back to King Lear, for example, I go "Wait a minute. What's this?" There is something there I didn't see before. I read it, of course, but I didn't SEE it.

I believe it is so important to keep the art that we love and admire always in the active part of our lives. Let the critics try to describe it in their scholarly tomes, if they must. The works speak for themselves and will keep on revealing their mysteries if we only watch and listen.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
May you have a vigorous Autumn.


Beth said...

Sometimes your own perceptions have changed and you see things in a different way, or interpret them differently. I think that's pretty cool! Hugs, Beth

Connie said...

When I look at my artwork I see the flaws-the should-haves,but also fascinated that I see things differently each time I look.

You would so enjoy Liz's blog..do give her a visit....

Connie said...

LOL-when I went to leave her a comment-you had already left one...ummm-disregard above last statement,LOL

Anne said...

Art is subjective! I still can paint a red canvas with a white dot though. Van Gough, I'm not....but what a wonder he was! Anne

Liz said...

As far as I am concerned King Lear is the greatest play Shakespeare wrote.
Hamlet lives forever with one speech that asks the eternal question. King Lear dies with the answer on his lips.