Monday, May 3, 2010

The Culture War

When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

John F. Kennedy
A few years ago a new CEO of a major international company was quoted as saying he never gives money to cultural causes and he's proud of it. Imagine the Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation not liking cultural events of any kind.

Well now, let's think about it. We would certainly save a lot if we dispensed with the symphony orchestras, opera houses and ballet companies in the country. They cost a lot of money to maintain and they certainly don't pay for themselves. Not only that but a lot of the time orchestra musicians sit around and do nothing. A dead waste of labor.

The publishers send out stacks of poetry and novels. Poetry is just a waste of time. Nobody reads that gunk and novels are just fiction, stories that have no value to real life whatsoever. Let's close down those glorified printing houses if they can't do better.

What's next? Well how about all those university and college departments: fine arts, music and drama (which are the devils workshops). Do you know there are classes where a person, usually a young good looking girl, maybe even your daughter. stands in the middle of the room absolutely stark naked while other people sit around and pretend to draw while they gawk and ogle. Disgusting!. Let's close down those nests of sin.

Art museums are another thing. What a waste of space. Nobody ever goes in them. Some of them are so big they could easily be converted into a sports arena or a factory warehouse.

Now about ballet. Have you ever been to a ballet dance. The boys all prance around with their bulges showing while the girls have skirts so short you can practically see everything. And modern dance? You never can tell what's going to happen with one of those. Those dancers are all homos anyway.

And actors? Don't get me started. They all just want to show off, sometimes with their clothes on, sometimes not. And those theatre companies all over the place are eating into our tax dollars something fierce. Films are the only things that actually make money and look at the junk Hollywood turns out. We should close down some of those studios, pronto.

Jazz, there's another waste of time and money. Who wants to listen to all that honking and rattling. Then there are the folk and pop singers. I say, if someone wants to play his guitar and sing let him sing gospel music and stop wasting my time.

And speaking of works of the devil, it's past time that we rid this hallowed land of the worst garbage that has ever been strewn on our pure paths. I'm speaking of that ear splitting, dope selling, promiscuity breeding, rebellion making, gang forming, dementia causing outrage know as rock and roll. If there ever was a reason to put our national foot down on the freedom of expression, those rock and roll (I hesitate to call them) musicians have sure provided us with more justification than we need.

No, I want to jog down the street in quiet and when I go to the football game I want to hear the high school band play Stars and Stripes. Now that's culture.

I'm glad to say that "Buffalo Gap" Part Two of Brian and Christine is now finished and posted on The Brian Saga, I love my story.
Only one winner of the Weekend Contest
Paula of the Email Lions wins the autographed map of the world beach ball. for guessing the Secretaries General Of the United Nations.

1. T___ L___ Trygve Lie
2. D___ H___ Dag Hammarsjold
3. U T___ U Thant
4. Kurt W___ Kurt Waldheim
5. J___ P___ d___ C___ Javier Perez de Cuellar
6. B___ B___-G___ Boutros Boutros-Ghali
7. K___ A___ Kofi Annan
8. B___ K___-m___ Ban Ki-moon

Better luck next time. If there is one.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine living without my music, poems, quotes, the theatre.

Those are the things that inspire, motivate, and relax me. They bring me joy and peace.

pacifica62 said...

How ironic that in days of hardship and budget restraints, one of the first things to go is support for the arts. Yet what is it that best feeds our soul and soothes our spirit during hard times but the enjoyment of music, art, dance, poetry, writing and performance arts. I do honestly believe that culture and arts are what put the "human" into human being.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Without the arts, life would be boring.