Saturday, May 15, 2010

Man Against Beast

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

Eleanor Roosevelt
So Thursday evening and most of Friday I spent wrestling with the Hydra headed monster known as Face Book. There are shattered spears, broken swords, open wounds and blood in the dust, but the fight is on.

How do I describe the conflict?

It was like waking up in the morning and finding out that while I was asleep someone replaced all the furniture in my room. I couldn't recognize anything.

It was like buying a fancy new piece of machinery. It came with an instruction book telling me all the wonderful things it can do, but there were no instructions on how to put it together.

It was like one of my weekend puzzles. If you can solve this you win the grand prize of a catalogue of silly comments on your "wall" from your "friends."

I should have some prizes to give out to a few people from here and there who have been very helpful in explaining things and offering to help: Beth, Jennifer. Barry, Joann, all with far from silly comments.

So do I fight on, mount another cavalry charge, send another sea of arrows flying, ckimb the walls, lay siege to it and make it do, or quit the field, leave it to the trolls and gremlins and do without? What do you think?



pacifica62 said...

I cannot help you with Facebook db. I don't use it and don't know much of anything about it. Good luck in your battle though.

Gerry said...

I like it because it is another source of communication where I can connect up with blogger friends and make short remarks and we can exchange links to interesting sites, and I already mentioned relatives who don't read my blog or go on the family site and they are sort of important since some of them are my kids!

Cathy said...

Ah you're being overly harsh, dear DB. Just BLOCK all "Apps" like games and those who insist you play along - have a look at mine, it's under my full name Cathy Rapicano. Scroll back to older posts, I think you'll see this medium can be another way to exchange the better part of things in our lives. So what name do you go by in the land of books with faces lol? I promise not to bombard you with silliness. Just poetry and friendship.

Cathy said...

O yes, the history lesson - I've got some of it, but it's after 4 and I'm falling off my chair. I SHALL RETURN!!

Valerie said...

I am only on facebook to talk to my kids and old friends. I found a few people I had been looking for for many years. Other than that, I find facebook annoying. I only go to see what others are up to. I think it took alot of our fellow aol bloggers away. How sad. If it isn't that important to you, if you aren't looking for anyone, or if it is really annoying you, I would bag facebook. Love, Val xox
P.S. Cathy correct in that you will want to block all applications on facebook. It will then become less annoying.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Hi, good luck with Facebook, not my thing, have enough problems computer wise finding and doing half of what I want. Hope you have a good weekend your way DB and conquer the Facebook dilemma.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think if you block the apps, it would be a great way to get caught up with acquantenances from long past. Maybe just pace yourself for a few minutes a day until you get the hang of it.

Rose said...

Facebook is not all that bad. Just leaving a comment and/or locating old just takes getting used to.

However, it is a fast way of communication all in one site.

However, it does have it's security issues and everyone can see what you say and your need to secure your settings.

I blocked all the apps as I could care less about the Farms or collecting flowers or hearts, etc.

Hugs, Rose

Trees said...

Hi DB, I have facebook and 100% and then some I am as confused as you are. I find it rather aggravating and destest all these farmville things which so many belong to and what not. Have no idea how to block them. Whatever apps. are that people mention I have no idea. So I will join your club and pick up the swords to slay the facebook world.

Big Mark 243 said...

I think as a utility it is great. But I have conceded that info I'd rather not have accessible, is out. That said, it is only hard when you get to dealing with all the apps and stupid games and such. Nattering and reading what other folks are nattering about is all I use it for.

At least as long as my profile is standing.

Liz said...

You ask me what I think...
walls, siege...

Ever thought of playing the trumpet?

Fanfare for the Common Man springs to mind for your first 'golden' performance.

It is for you to decide whether you have the right horse to ride and the weapons to fight with.

Facebook is just a book with a cover that does not attract me.
I prefer not to even open it let alone go there.

Beth said...

Oh, you're doing just fine, D. Look at it as a challenge. From what I've seen, you're doing great. If you start getting a lot of invitations for games and stuff, let me know and I'll tell you how to block them. I don't play any of the games on there anymore, either. Hugs, Beth