Thursday, May 13, 2010

Face Book

I went back on Face Book tonight and I think I'm going right off again. If I can't make it work for me what's the point. I don't need the frustration.



Linda S. Socha said...

Funny thing. I signed up for Facebook about 4 years or so ago...I used it for a week or so....sort of....It gave me a headache and I could not decide why I would want to do that.

I sent back on a year or more ago and usage just came easily....go figure!

Joann said...

Can I help you with anything... I'm on there all the time, I love it.

Gerry said...

I like Facebook because I have a lot of family on there, so when I go on there are members of my family saying stuff, like today my grandson Jamal wrote "I got a job!" and all his friends were celebrating his job. He is a university student and is off for the summer because it is very expensive to go then, so he really needed one. Some of his friends said funny things. I always look forward to my grandson Dante saying something who went to Calif. to go to school. Then I am a big photo buff and some put a ton of photos up there I like to look at. Then I get in good discussions on there from time to time. So I have learned to enjoy it but now Twitter I never got the hang off and never went back after a couple of visits.