Monday, July 25, 2011


NORWAY: Moral - Beware of conservative, fundamentalist Christians with guns.


Vagabonde said...

We went to Norway last July – it is a beautiful country with such kind and welcoming people. It pains me that they have suffered such tragedy. I am for freedom of speech but not for freedom of hate speech. Many in the far right and extreme fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalists of other religions, as well as hate-talk-radio, should be stopped. Their actions have results as we have seen several times – they poison the minds of the slightly insane – and there are many in that category.

Geo. said...

Too often I've been surprised by people who dedicate themselves to an illegitimate idea --one that might be refuted and reversed if caught early-- then spend their lives growing a sick puppy around it. I'm no shrink but it seems to me this process is rooted in something Breivik might hate about himself. His manifesto is all too personal, like he's thrashing around in a bad dream.