Friday, July 29, 2011


Let 'em eat bugs.

I will run out of bird seed to morrow and I can't get to the store until mid week . But the woman on the first floor is complaining about seeing seeds in the alley so I had to move the feeder. It means I can't see them any more, but at least I can hear them.


Geo. said...

First try letting them eat cake.
Perhaps your downstairs neighbor cannot distinguish between seeds in an alley and a seedy alley. Bird-seed suet cake can reduce underfeeder mess. But if that doesn't suffice, do leave a water pan out because birds love do drink and splash. Good luck!

pacifica62 said...

Nothing gets wasted, something else will come along and eat those seeds. Your neighbour lady needs to find herself a life. Hope you can get a fresh supply of seeds in soon

Valerie said...

Why would someone care that there are seeds in an alley?? Atleast it isn't a seedy alley?? Some people just like to complain. So sad. Hope your day is going well.