Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vagabondism 143

Vagabondism #143 "A good deed done by a wicked man may be accidental, but it’s still a blessing."


Big Mark 243 said...

...or a near escape..!

Sandisan said...

I love that saying...hope you are safe..I picked July/August to be up here with my daughter and her family an so far an earthquake, hospital and now a hurricane..some vacation!
And the irony of it is that ALL my hurricane supplies (I was well prepared as my Joe was very adapt in dealing with things) are in FLORIDA...funny huh? My daughter's house is located right near JFK in Queens, water all around us the next town over was evac'd..hopefully we will be ok...hope you are too.
Oh..your summer question...I believe, in my heart, that people love who they love and no one should judge. Civil marriages should be allowed, God doesn't enter into it. Folks who have religious convictions ( I am a back sliding Methodist) can do everything the traditional way. I also think people rush to judgement on everyone's behavior or lifestyle without any compassion or feeling for the other's wrong....stay Sandi