Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting For Irene, Part 2

And still I wait. Is it apocalyptic? Is it catastrophic? Is it just one grand mess?

I appear to be still directly in Irene's way in her slow march north. Perhaps I should refer to it as the War of Southern Aggression. (Some of you will get that.) But she has been downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, so the floozy has lost some of her spunk. Still 100 mph winds is not something to scorn, snicker, thumb your nose, bite your thumb, flick your chin or shake your stick at. The main concern around these parts is about the amount of rain. There are many waterways to consider. Out my window I can see the Delaware River. It will overflow it's banks, most likely. I am far enough away from and above it to have it cause me a problem, most likely. But there are people who live along its banks. They have a problem.

Am I prepared? Who knows. Today I will tie back the bird feeder so it doesn't blow away, hard boil the half dozen eggs, cook the two chicken legs, make lots of ice and store food with them in the zip locks and generally spend the day puttering around pretending I'm an old man.

The angel who lives down the street and who drives me shopping showed up unexpectedly at my door with a 2 gallon container of drinking water. Bless her heart.

There are massive evacuations going on everywhere on the East Coast. Warnings are rampant from the local police up to the President of the United States. Shelters are getting ready to open, instructions about what to do are being posted everywhere and everyone is busy.

Will there be a lot of damage? Of course there will. Will we survive it? Of course we will. It will become part of the history of the turbulent and cantankerous year of 2011. "The Day Irene Came To Town"

Join me tomorrow, if you can, for Waiting For Irene, Part 3.

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Linda's World said...

I think she won't be at your house until Saturday night or Sunday morning. Hang on to your hat!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Keep safe DB, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it will stay more out in the waters and not come inland and folks will get through this.