Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Artist And The Scientist

The fact that the other person in his own actuality is not me, is set against the equally real fact that my attachment to him is a part of me.

R. D. Laing
Simplicity is a prize, earned through the hard work and dedication of an artist, a scientist and anyone else engaged in a complicated and problematic profession. I always enjoyed the simple moments of my life, whenever I could arrange for them and justify them.

During Summer Theatre days on Cape Cod, when life was overflowing with things to do, I would find time to sit out at the end of the pier to see and hear the sea gulls and watch the water muscle it's way onto the shore, and not try to draw any metaphysical meanings out of it. Just to sit, watch and listen was a refreshing joy.

for a few years early in my career I was attached to the theatre department of a large New England college. I was an artist-in-residence. I worked as an actor, director and acting coach.

Those who know collage campuses know there are often strange juxtapositions. so right next to the Theatre building was the Biology building, both quite large. One of the biology professors was a man named Herb. He was a (an) herpetologist, a scientist who studies reptiles. In Herb's particular case the reptiles were turtles, tortoises. Herb lectured and taught, but he also had his lab where he did his research. He was one of the nation's authorities on tortoises.

As it happened Herb was also a next door neighbor. He had a wife and young son, who was the precise image of him in much smaller terms. Herb set aside one night a week when he was away from his family, just to allow everyone some breathing room. He would call me up and ask to come over, which I was always glad of. He would bring a couple of six packs and we would watch television.

He knew I was an actor but he never inquired into my work and I never asked him about his though I also knew what he did. We were just two guys drinking beer and watching TV. If we talked it was about something on the television.

The artist and the scientist sharing a simple evening together, just sitting, watching and listening, a part of each other's lives for a while;.

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