Monday, September 5, 2011


A World War One mess kit
A matching pair of imitation pearl bracelets
2 tubes of Max Factor grease paint
A jar of clown white
A set of worry beads
One of Axel's watches that no longer works
An unused A string, still wrapped in its paper
A miniature score of Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
A Theta Chi fraternity pin
A completelset of Wagner operas (13)
2 new pie tins
My grandmother's Bible
An Appalachian Trail Guide
A Basque beret
A metal walking cane
A pair of L L Bean winter boots
A photograph of a Russian ballet dancer
A sponge rubber bicycle seat
A pair of boxer shorts, worn on stage
A conductors baton
An unused clothes iron
A third prize art show ribbon
A complete Shakespeare
A dog named Angel, now gone
A cat named William, now gone
A first baseman's mitt
A bird feeder
A Wilke pipe
A photograph of Kirsten Flagstad
A tenor recorder
A violin
A bass drum stick
A stone from Mount Olympus
Women I've loved
Friends I've betrayed
Friends who betrayed me
Enemies I've made
A map to a buried treasure

A few things I have or once had
DB - The Almost Restored Vagabond
Never give up

1 comment:

Geo. said...

A fine collection. But when I look at my stuff I think: infinity divided by infinity still equals one, doesn't it? Then I go buy comic books.