Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crackpots Beware

I happen to believe that Science is not on the dark side of the moon. Maybe not Science as most of us are used to thinking about it: technology, engineering or medicine. A scientific fact is a fact that can be proved, it's a fact for which there is natural evidence.. That the Rapture did not happen means the methodology was wrong. Even the idea of ascending into the clouds, although the Bible puts it that way, is a crack pot idea if taken literally. Either God created the Universe or It did not. And one thing we know from being in outer space is that the Creator doesn't know anything about left and right, up and down, or maybe even in and out. I think any true scientist who gets beyond peering into microscopes or telescopes, playing around with test tubes or poking around in fields and forests, is probably capable of knowing more about an apocalyptic experience than any fundamentalist bible thumper. There's many a slip between the cup of the Holy Grail and the lip of the pastor who thinks he preaches it.

God did not visit Hurricane Irene on the East Coast to punish us for our wrongs. In the overall cosmic scheme of things wrongs punish themselves, they don't need a hurricane to do it. What are we to do? Lie back and let the ocean surge wash over us, destroy our homes and our lives, because it is God's will? Nuts!

The best, the most sacred way to worship any divine creator is to live, to conquer the dangerous forces, natural and human, that would destroy creation. We must exercise our endemic rights to survival and safety, to peace, health and prosperity.

We must fight against the forces that burn down forests, topple homes and flood farms. And we can win because we are creations and we have true science to help us. The meteorologists claim they were correct at predicting Irene's path but incorrect at predicting it's speed. So they are back in their laboratories learning more. Their correct predictions probably saved a lot of lives.

We must fight against the forces that hoard wealth, push people from their homes and pass laws that deprive people of their rights because of some bible thumping politicians who never look into the Holy Grail. We must rid our governments of the notion that they can legislate social and human behavior based on any particular religion's tradition. And we will win because we are human beings and we have true rationality to help us. And because, no matter how long it takes, we never give up.

DB - The Vagabond

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Big Mark 243 said...

That the Rapture did not happen means the methodology was wrong.

I really can identify with this statement. It also explains why the faithful (of any faith) are left with making up fables because you cannot prove a negative.

Good post D.B.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I agree, I live!

Beth said...

Far too many just do not understand the terminology. They seem to think that a theory is actually a hypothesis. That is simply not the case.