Friday, September 9, 2011

Off Again

I came back from shopping this evening and couldn't sign on. I've been almost 5 hours on the phone with AOL to get back on. But I have lost some files. It has taken me until 11:30 to reestablish some of my important systems. Hence there will be no journal entry other than this.

Have I had enough computer trouble? Or is this just the constant issue of my life, like an ingrown toenail, or an addiction to strawberries. I absolutely refuse not to laugh about it or take any of it seriously. I will rage, and scream and pound on the keyboard with a hammer but don't expect me not to see the funny side.

Ever since Verizon took 45 days to get me on line, years ago, when I first started, my history with the computer has been such that no one would believe who hasn't been looking over my shoulder or sitting at my elbow, like Jacob Marley.

I fully expect that tomorrow will be an easy day with everything working right. But Monday morning I will have a virus that immediately changes everything I write into Chinese. Or else it will refuse to accept my name and accuse me of hacking.

But I wait, saber in hand. How many gremlins must I decapitate? My floor is getting very messy from all the ugly heads piling up. But, no matter what some people may think in their cobwebby minds, one of those heads is not going to be mine.

I'll take a bourbon on the rocks please. Thank you.

Never Give Up


Jon said...

Wow, you've sure been through a helluva lot with those evil computer gremlins. I hope that more gremlin heads will be rolling soon.
The bourbon should help......

Cathy said...

In sympatico...many heads on pikes in my home. Crashing browser actually make a BOOM noise. AOHELL tech dept still listed as 1st homicide I'll commit (after switching ISP's of course, I'm only a future killer, certainly not insane) It's all Insidious. Treacherous. Yet we continue for without these electronic hernias we'd be starting fires with 2 sticks, hiding in caves. Again, I'm in sympatico and wish you patience, and a ton of vanilla flan.

Sue said...

I was just thinking how many phone techs you are keeping employed. I hope they helped you. Keep an eye on your river and stay dry and safe