Thursday, April 23, 2009

Special Sessions 4/23/09

The worst sin - perhaps the only sin - passion can commit is to be joyless.

Dorothy Sayers
Hi, please remain seated.
I had a joyful day today. I was basically happy all day and at first I couldn't figure our why. I have no reason to be happy. I have a U-Haul full of troubles, what's with all this glee?

Around noon I realized that I had been thinking about people I used to know that I liked, people who were good and respectable, people whom I respected and liked, people who smiled whenever they saw me and who put a smile on my face. Some are people I don't know any more and I don't know where they are. But the memories I have of them are so beautiful that I can keep them in my life and recall them any time.

I live alone, No one is here to greet me when I come home. I have no grandchildren to climb up on my lap. There is no faithful dog wagging it's tail at me, no cat looking for food and strokes. There's no one to help me up the stairs with my groceries. I have to look at the same dirty dishes still in the sink where I left them. The life of a solitary senior citizen is a lonesome one, especially if it's filled with troubles.

But in spite of the fact that there is no one to help me solve those problems, in spite of the monsters in my mail box, the vipers on my telephone and the sadistic notices sitting on my desk, I'm smiling.

How come? Because I know and have known good people, people I cared about and who cared about me, and I can think about those people any time I want to.

Keep dry, or keep wet, whichever you prefer.
If April showers bring May flowers than next month this town is going to be a forest.


Beth said...

What a wonderful way to look at things, D. While things might not be great right now, that doesn't take away from the pleasure of knowing people like that in your life.

Love, Beth

Lori said...

Ditto what Beth said! :)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Memories of friends, priceless :o)

Joyce said...

It's hard to live alone DB. I'm lucky that I have my g/kids and get to see them every day. And my kids visit at least once a week and we talk on the phone almost every day. I do count those blessings, but I have to tell biggest comfort is my cat Gizmo. This time of night when the world is asleep and I am heading that faithful companion is leaning all over me on the back of my chair. I can hear her breath and purr and it's just having another breathing thing in the house that brings me great joy. Think about it DB.
Hugs, Joyce

Trees said...

You have such a wonderful way of reasoning things out DB, that you always amaze me. I am so greatful to Linda in Washington for sending me to your blog many months ago. I realize you have so very many problems with finances and health and that saddens me I wish I was near by to help you out. You, are though, so very rich in knowledge and your stories I always enjoy and I come from them much more knowledgeable myself. Your outlook life helps me to realize that my own life is not so bad and I can look for the rainbows that come from the clouds. Again, my friend, thank you from my heart for opening my eyes to so many things. God bless.