Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zeds & Zeros 4/30/09

Only the person who has experienced light and darkness, war and peace, rise and fall; only that person has truly experienced life.

Stefan Zweig

How many days must dawn on a troubled life before the mud is dry?

How many hopes must be sacrificed to pay for the sin of desire?

How many sweethearts must be killed before the war is won?

How many painful steps must be taken before the old man can rest?

How many scornful words must be said before the fool is forgotten?

How many nights must be watched before the child is born?

How many times must the gavel thump before the truth is known?

How many tears must be shed before the prayer is heard?

How many children must starve before the help is offered?

How many days must be spent in fear before the door is opened?

How many light bulbs must be changed before the room stays lit?

How many animals must suffer before the sadists are satisfied?

How many curses must be uttered before the people listen?

How many wrecks must there be before the drunks are sober?

How many youngsters must be lost before the predators are found?

How many punches must be delivered before the police arrive?

How many lies must be told before the laws are obeyed?

How many crowds must gather before the wretched poor are fed?

How many lives must be destroyed before revenge is a felony?

How many sermons must be read before the ignorant are saved?

How many hollow weeks must pass before the lonely are visited?

How many hearts must break before we uncover love?


How many words must I write before I win my rights?

How many gates must I unlock before I can see my freedom?

How many times must I begin again before I can begin to live?



Anne said...

So many good questions you have tonight. Most have no really good answers, but it does make one think. Makes me think about my behavior too. Anne

Big Mark 243 said...

The stuff that comes to us in the wee hours ...

Arlene (AJ) said...

A lot of good questions, indeed makes every one of us stop and think. Guess we all just have to keep believing that life and all it involves can and hopefully will be better than it was yesterday and keep going forward to see what the next day brings us.

Linda's World said...

Questions to make one think~that's for sure. However, I've discovered that sometimes we never get answers to our questions. Some things remain a mystery. Hope you're having a good week, Linda in 47* Washington

Beth said...

This is a wonderful piece, D.

Rose~* said...

As many as it takes to make a difference. Well thought out questions, DB.

Joyce said...

I printed this one DB. I plan to go over it and try to determine if any of the answers are things I can (or need to) control.
Hugs, Joyce

Indigo said...

One word - Profound. (Hugs)Indigo