Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Qualified Quits 8/04/09

Sometimes the artist's main responsibility is to get out of the way.

DB - The Vagabond
Welcome friend.
You should always expect good results when you enter into any sort of artistic expression. Sometimes those good results come before you know it or while you're still working to achieve them. That is also true in any important life endeavor. Conscientious effort focused on a worthy objective usually brings it into reality.

There are two principles about art that I remember. One is that when the work is done you're finished, so stop. And the other is that once you finish a work it is no longer yours, it belongs to the world.

As an actor I frequently observed in other actors and myself the temptation to keep going over the good parts of a performance to make them better when they were just fine and as good as they were going to get. It was other parts that needed to be worked on. We can congratulate ourselves for what's done well, but not for what's undone. And once the work is done, it's time to send it out into the world for the world to judge and get on with life.

I worked for a long time on a painting I call "The Eye Of The Storm." It's a non-realistic water scene with the colors of the setting sun reflected on it. One day my friend and excellent artist, Moses Hoskins, came to visit and look at my work. When I showed him The Eye I said that I was still working on it and didn't know where it was going he surprised me by saying "Stop. It's finished." So I did.

One of these day, when I learn how to post pictures, I'll give it to the world, and one of these days I'll get it framed.

Thank you Moses.

Think cool winter thoughts.


This is not a contest.

A young man out west just took home 88 million dollars from the lottery.

Whether you play the lottery or not, if you suddenly had 88 million dollars, or the equivalent of whatever your currency is, what are the first three things you would do with it?

You have all summer to answer if you wish.

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miss alaineus said...

this is why i love math- there is no question when you are done solving an equation, the challenge lies in proving the solution or finding an alternative one.


Dannelle said...

One of these day, when I learn how to post pictures

It isn't hard what do you want to post?
love you, you old codger! from old lady in California!

a corgi said...

I would enjoy seeing that painting, DB. I don't know how I can help getting it on your blog, but let me know; I can give step by step instructions (is the picture of it on your computer somewhere?)

I totally agree with what you said; sometimes you got to just let it go with art and not keep fine tuning it. Hubby writes music/records it; at times he is not ready to let it go with a particular song. I did tell him he needs to be realistic and know when enough is enough with the tweaking of it to get it "perfect".


Beth said...

Great thoughts, and it sounds like your friend is wise. :)

Silver said...

I 'm glad your friend saw your painting..

and to think, sometimes we even destroy the best ones that the world would love to have from us. And of course, i mean it in the metaphoric sense too of course.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you figure out pictures soon. I know that you have to resize them so that they do not take to much memory, then Blogger can handle them with no problem.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

You have many friends who can help you how to post those paintworks you have DB.

Please do not throw any of your artwork. One day, they will become famous.

However, what I do not understand about this crazy world, why is it that most paintings only become famous once the artist is dead?

I can't figure it out. Same in poetry and any arts....arts...arts ...