Monday, August 3, 2009

Primary Pursuit 8/03/09

We are fooling away our time with outward and perishing things, and are asleep in regard to that which is real within ourselves.

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I was awakened early this morning by the stampede of hail against my window. It was nature saying "Wake up, Vagabond, you have things to think about." It soon turned to thunder and lightening, rain in great globs. Now everything is gray and wet.

Upon arising I remembered that yesterday I had written about explorations to outer space and the possibility of discovering inhabited planets out there. I amused myself for a while wondering what we would be called if we had to associate ourselves with Martians or Venusians. Earthlings? Earths? Earthists? Earthish? Finally I decided that if it was up to me we would be Earthians.

So fellow Earthians here are some further thoughts about outer space. Space has been incorrectly called the final frontier. We have and are spending a lot of time investigating this universe we live in, and yet with all of our blast offs, lift offs and orbit reaching with our vehicles we haven't even approached the pinky fingernail of it. There must be a better way of going about it. We haven't discovered or invented the universal wheel yet. That's going to take some doing. It's going to take some thought. (Oh no, there he goes again.)

How, in spite of our speculations, do we even know the universe is there? We can't see much of it. We know almost nothing about it. We know it's there because it must be. We know it's infinite because it must be. And so, the universe, whatever it is is already embraced in our thinking. It is what we think it is and what we expect it to be. An infinite universe, unseen and unknown, contained in infinite thinking means it exists in an infinite mind, and that infinite mind is in the room with you right now.

Much of what we do in outer space is no doubt useful in many practical ways. The fooling of ourselves is done by concentrating only on the practicalities and not the form of discovery and development. Everything begins with an idea. Everything. What is the form of an idea. That's a question that has busied thinkers for a long time. Aristotle had a lot to say about form. Does it simply arise out of function and need, or does it have it's own origin and existence?

The curiosity that takes us into outer space is something which has undeniable benefit to our understanding, but the question is this: Are we discovering and mapping the universe with our microwaves and lasers, or are we inventing it?

The final frontier is mind.

DB - Vagabond Journeys
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Beth said...

Ooo, that last thought is an intriguing one. Are we somehow altering the universe even as we make discoveries about it? Hmmm.

Lisa said...

Seeing how mankind destroys most everything we get our hands on I can fully believe we are altering the universe as well.

We had horrendous storms yesterday as well - what an awful front that was passing through and didn't even cool us down or take away the unbearable humidity!

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi fellow Earthian ~ I have oftem wondered about the universe and I think I agree with you that The final frontier is in the mind. I know it is there because I have been told it is ~ but to date I havn't seen it ~ so therefore I am not convinced :o) ~ Ally x

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

whispering so the cat does not die: I love being curious :o)

Judith Ellis said...

DB - This is a thoughtful post, as usual. I have asked similar questions. Maybe it's a "matter" of our exploring what is already known. Here is the brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking, on the expanding universe. Maybe it's simply our minds that are expanding.


Hi Vagabond! Thanks for bumping into my blog =)

..My take is that, in the end, man's quest would end in finally understanding, not the universe, but himself.

it's easy enough to escape earth's gravity, but no matter what we do, we could never escape the nagging thought that the universe is only real, if it is real, because we are here to wonder about it..

as for me, the final frontier is still, Man.