Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Puzzle

Weekend Puzzle

Difficulty level 4 with a parachute.
Hint: This one is about people.
You folks had me jumping today until about 2 p.m. But you did good.
The winner and retainer of the crown Salemslot9 of the Blogspot Tigers.
Second place went to Paula of the Email Lions.
Third place to Sienna of the Email Lions.
Fourth place - Alaina of the Tigers
Fifth - Janice of the Tigers


5 winners .
P A R D O N/ M E/ P R E T T Y/ B A B Y,/
D O N' T/ I/ LO O K/ F A M I L I A R/ T O/ Y O U?
L Y R I C/ B Y/ R A Y/ K L A G E S/
A N D/ J A C K/ M E S K I L L;/
M U S I C/ BY / V I N C E N T/ R O S E

I had never heard of this song until I received a CD from my friend and former employer in Maine. He aired some programs about Jazz on his station and sent me a few. On one of them is this song recorded many years ago by Herald Arlen. Arlen was the composer of all the songs from The Wizard of Oz. He also wrote hundreds of other songs including Stormy Weather and The Man That Got Away. I never knew that he had started out in the early days as a singer. But now I have a recording of him singing this song.