Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday morning 8/25/09

No doubt there is some solution to this stupid law suit, but it is the uncertainty that is slowly twisting my mind into a knot. I'm waiting to hear something from my debt councilors. I called immediately, was told to send them the papers, which I did, and to expect a response in 4 to 5 days. That was a week ago. It took a few days for the papers to get there. I will call them again this afternoon.

To my critics (and I do have some) let me pose this question. Suppose you were summonsed to appear in court in another town, suppose you don't know the town or where the court is, suppose you have no car, no place to rent one even if you could afford it, no bus route that goes there, no cab company that can take you there and no friendly neighbor willing to drive you there, what would you do?

Can anyone tell me how to block these asinine, insulting Chinese porno sites that keep jumping up into my email? There are two of them and each one is connected to an old entry in one of my other journals. I have to go back into the files in order to delete them and then I send them to the spam folder. But they keep coming.

Once this terrifying law suit is settled and my heart is calm again, I will get back to writing. And I will respond to all of your kind comments. Bless you.



Dannelle said...

Wish i knew what to do- unwanted porn and debts both can be high blood pressure issues- Delete- delete- delete- xxoo

miss alaineus said...

if i was in a situation like that with the court i would call the aclu. seriously, that sounds like a sneaky legal tactic to try to sue someone and not make it possible for them to make themselves present, and you could prolly throw the lack of access in there too.

see if the person porn-jamming you has 'followed' your blog. do this by clicking on the followers button and looking for their name. if they are following you, all you have to do to block them is to hit the 'block' button under their profile picture.

keep the faith and stay the course.