Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zion's Zeal 8/13/09

Selfishness is the only real atheism; unselfishness the only real religion.

Israel Zangwill
Hurry and get your note book....
The metaphorical, biblical meaning of Zion is strength. Not the strength of armies, terrorists, mobs or militias. But the inner, spiritual strength of faith, conscience and courage, The rabble that storms town meetings and shouts down the speakers have none of the above. Many of those people will tell you they are religious, and that they are on a divine mission. But they are a selfish, self-righteous lot who have no authority, divine or otherwise. They claim to be a grass roots movement, but they aren't. The roots haven't been heard from.

It seems that every 20 years we have another eruption of outrage over some issue, and it is usually targeted against a liberal government. It is also usually based on misinformation and emotionalism, not on facts and reason. So now we have another one.

What makes it so dangerous is that if this group of ignorant lunatics grows stronger and more numerous there will be revolution. It is written. And if there is, the end result will be a dictatorship. That's history. Then woe to the immigrants and the minorities. There will be violence, people will be killed, cold bloodedness will reign. And who will be the top tyrant? Rush Limbaugh? George Bush? Or, most likely, someone we haven't heard much from lately.

I can only hope that, as with the other hate slinging movements of the past, it will disappear in its own fog or trip itself up on its own stomping boot.

I don't like to write polemics in my journal, but this hunk of morons has me riled.

Look for peace and joy.
Apple flies around cereal. (5, 5)


Janice said...

here, here...or hear, hear!
I could go on but already learned not to discuss poeticks with virtual friends.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

This will all die down after the August recess. As details become known, it will become better accepted.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

There is always a renewal, revival re-invention, re-incarnation ....anything Re --- meaning coming again of devilish movement under the guise in what you already mentioned - as what we heard before, now and the days to come: History repeats itself.

Take it easy DB.

Beth said...

You're preachin' to the choir, D, but you know that. I thought it was interesting when one guy stood in front of Senator Specter and told him that one day God was going to stand in front of him [I think he meant the other way around] and judge him. Gee, thanks for your contribution to the discussion. :P Hugs, Beth

It's Just Katie! said...

Wow!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
Take care of you and yours always my friend,

Rose said...

I agree with you, such morans out there..........Ugh.

I pray for peace and this mess will calm down.