Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Puzzle answers


One right ansswer from the master of the Blogspot Tigers Salemslot9 who guessed Froot Loops even though the numbers were wrong. So One autographed show goes out.

OK, here are the answers.

These are clues. The answers are words or phrases. the number of letters and words will appear in paranthesis.
First come your lessons.

Sometimes the clue is simple.
Test thrice Albert. (5) Answer: trial.
test - trial, thrice - tri, Albert is Al (to those who know him well).

The real answer will always appear in the clue, the rest you have to figure out.
It's a state bathing heavy weight. (10) Answer: bathing - washing,
heavy weight - ton. Get it?

Sometimes it's a pun.
Stove top domicile. (4, 2, 3, 5) Home on the range.
That needs no explanation.

Then there are changed spellings, they are usually announced by a word signaling something is wrong.
Coin I put before the wrong deep worm. Centipede. You should have picked up on this by now.

Finally there are inclusions, one word is put inside another, again with a heads up somewhere in the clue. Here's a beauty.
Disorderly around trains, for example, to haul backwards two thirds of art. (9)
Answer: irregular WHAT?!
around trains, for example - around rr goes ie, making irre
haul backwards - lug backwards - gul
2/3 of art - ar
irre gul ar

Hint: Always ignore punctuations. Look for abbreviations.

Now it's your turn.
Whoever wins gets an autographed copy of my shoe.
If you come up with a good one or more for me to solve I'll post it for t'others.

1. Thus on the edge a screwed up miss is egotistical (9) Solipsism

2. Scrape up can, priest. (8) Rasputin

3. Loving me in result over 8 sound. (12) Affectionate

4. Apple flies around cereal. (6, 6) Apologies for this one, the numbers don't fit.
Your excused. It's supposed to be Froot Loops, or Fruit Loops

5. Lying fellows advertising backward town. (9) Mendacity

6. Other side's opinion, short stance. (10) Opposition



salemslot9 said...

I guessed Froot Loops!

salemslot9 said...

where's my prize?