Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bury The Hatchet

Politeness is to human nature what heat is to wax.

Arthur Schopenhauer
Today I got an email from Bill telling me that I should develop a more harmonious relationship with my printer, that we should develop a workable synergy between us, that we should, in short "bury the hatchet" and become friends. Bill is right. I know it's hard but I will no longer get upset if it says "out of paper" when it clearly isn't, or rant if it says "you're printer is off line" just before it prints. And if it wants to take three sheets to print one I promise to try to understand it's needs and be sympathetic.

One of the nastiest people I ever knew was my sixth grade teacher. She wasn't abusive to everyone, only to those she didn't like and she sure didn't like me. One didn't dare sass a teacher back then or you would get a knock on the head, a twisted ear or a ruler across the knuckles. These day I hear horrible stories about things students say to teachers in public schools. And about how teachers' hands are tied from dealing with it.

Is it any wonder when you see the examples children get to see. We are supposed to respect or government figures and yet we see some of them flinging poisoned verbal darts across the aisles. In the old days we were told that it was good to play sports because it would build character. And yet look at the over aggressive "characters" that show up in professional sports today.

It isn't easy to be polite and gentle in the face of rudeness and hostility, Bullies are hard to deal with merely because they are so ignorant. If someone is having a bad day what gives them the permission to take it out on other people. Certainly there are times when a person needs to be aggressive: a fighter, a debater and chess player, a rescuer. But why be aggressive when it isn't necessary? Why is it the norm that we must watch out for other people's behavior? Why is it that some people have to ridiculously "get even" with people they don't know and have never met?

We have TV shows, both fictional and reality, that entertain by showing human beings in their worst possible behavior. That's the way the world is? That's human nature?

Is it? Okay. In that case I suggest you all meet in some desert where you can all fit, beat each other to death and get it over with. In the meantime I'm going to be a gentleman with my printer and also with my fellow man, no matter how much of a skunk he is.

DB - The Vagabond
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Rose~* said...

Your printer sounds like it might need a driver update. Easy to fix - just pop over to the manufacturers' web site and check for updates to your model. Sometimes that does the trick. You might also have to change some of your preferences on your printer, as well. Every one is different. And I suppose, that is why people act the way they do, without regard to the feelings of others. I prefer to "kill them with kindness", but have on occasion, spoken my mind. (without vulgarity)-like the lady who hit my shopping cart twice in the grocery line-up and then really took aim and smashed it the third time, then said "Sorry". I just looked her in the eyes and said, "I really HOPE that you don't drive a vehicle".

Valerie said...

I have a printer like yours. I thought ALL printers behaved that way. LOL Great post, my friend. I used to be upset with angry and hostile people. Now I feel sad for them. I realized their lives must be awful. Sad, sad. Yes, they do ruin life for the rest of us, though. And themselves. I like your idea about meeting in the desert. I had the same idea about sending all the mean people to an island. I wish I could. You have a good week! xox

Arlene (AJ) said...

I remember when I was in the 3rd grade and walking the halls during a break whistling and the 2nd grade mean teacher, Mrs. Woods who pulled your ears, smacked your hands with a ruler, etc. make me stay after school was out because I'd whistled. Gee wouldn't the teachers of today like to have just something like that to deal with today versus what they go through with all the kids who show no respect in or out of school. Times have changed for sure. I prefer to smile and say hi to everyone when I pass them in stores, etc. it's amazing the change in some people immediately who say thank you, you have a good day yourself. I wish more people would try that then wasting their time being critical to others and responding in a negative manner to everything that touches them.