Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Puzzle Answer


You're at the end of a dark tunnel.. There is no turning back. The way out is through one of three doors. Behind the first door is a pack of fierce hungry tigers that haven't been fed in a month. Behind the second door is a raging fire. In front of the door is a large bucket of clear liquid which is either water or gasoline. Behind the third door are a bunch of assassins with daggers, swoon to kill anyone who opens the door but they are all blindfolded. Once you open one of the doors you can't close it and change your mind.

Which door do you choose? Why?

There were several interesting proposals to solve this problem but the best one, in the opinion of the persnickety judge, was door number 1. If the tigers haven't eaten in a month they are either dead or too weak and debilitated to be of any threat.

That answer comes from Diane of the Email Lions who wins the grand prize of a genuine Tupperware door key. Congratulations Diane and thank you all.



Valerie said...

I need to read these slower and be be logical. Well done, Diane!

krissy knox said...

What does one do with a genuine Tupperware door key? And what does it unlock? The door on your Tupperware tray? Or the door to the cabinet where you keep your Tupperware trays? Probably the cabinet. Bc you wouldn't want anyone to steal your priceless tupperware, now would you?