Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rest Me

Life is strenuous no matter how young you are. Yesterday I took a day off, no writing, no painting. I hope it doesn't become a habit.

I spent 5 hours on the front porch reading. There were no visitors except some desperate geriatric mosquitos.

Part of my exhaustion and need to rest comes from a deep feeling of sadness and disgust with what's happening in my country. I can't remember a time when there was such overt bigotry and ignorance. I was in high school during the McCarthy era. Then it was supposedly the Russians who were going to take over America. Now it's the Muslims. The Russians never would and the Muslims never will. No one can take over America unless we give it away. The Russians are now our friends. And if we deny the Muslims their rights we might as well tear up the Constitution.

I am not at peace, not at rest. Ignorance will not win the battle, I know that. But the fact that it is so apparent and so loud hurts my heart.



Here we go.

A man is walking down the street and comes upon a store that sells coconuts. He goes in and buys half the coconuts in the store plus half a coconut. When he gets home his wife shakes her head and wonders what she's going to do with all those coconuts.

He gets an idea and goes out and buys a bottle of rum. But on the way he passes the same store with the coconuts, goes in and buys half the coconuts in the store plus half a coconut. When he gets home his wife has opened one of the coconuts and is ready to make a nice cocktail with the juice.

The man is so delighted that he goes out again and buys half the coconuts in the store plus half a coconut. Upon returning home he finds his wife has made them some delicious rum and coconut cocktails.

He drinks one which inspires him to go to the store again and buy half the coconuts in the store plus half a coconut. When he leaves the store that time there are no coconuts left. No one else bought any coconuts. They're all kiwi or papaya freaks or something. Who knows.

Back home he and his wife have a very pleasant evening drinking their rum and coconut cocktails.

"You poot thee rum in thee coconautt and than yoo dahnce cahleepso.

Questions: How many coconuts were there in the store when he went in the first time?

Goog lub.


Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

I remember when I moved into this complex I was very shocked and depressed over the lack of education and thought processes of many residents, but have gradually got used to the state of our country's general populace. Well, I might be living on the low end. But I like to go back and read history and then I realize how much bad stuff those citizens had to deal with, so this kind of evens things out. Dying of everything and anything when they weren't very old and such. I now see interacting with my fellow man as an act of faith, thinking that the living drama is worth more than not interacting at all. No matter on what level it must be. That works for me.

Beth said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off!

I share your dismay, but I'm trying to keep the fires of rationality burning. (Although considering that religiotard in Florida, perhaps that is a bad metaphor.)

I've always tried to keep peace, and try not to get too riled up at family gatherings. However, I'm starting to rethink that. Why should I be the conciliatory one all the time? If I hear someone say something racist, should I not speak up? If someone says something that is a complete lie, should I not speak up? If someone says that Pres. Obama is a socialist, should I not point out that is false and that they don't understand the concept of socialism?

I kind of think so.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope your day off helped rejuvenate you a bit.

Anonymous said...

I hope your rest recharges your battery for your usual excellent postings.

pacifica62 said...

Everyone needs time off now and again to recharge the batteries and take a good look around them. Usually is does a lot of good, so hope it had the same effect on you db. I have been away for a few weeks and in fact did spend some time in the USA, and in Montana in particular. I saw normal, hard working Americans going about their daily life trying to make things better for themselves and their family. This past weekend I was horrified to see some of the stories that were carried on the American channels regarding Sept. 11 and all the other bigotry and ignorance that were being flaunted down there. These idiots cannot and do not speak for the people of the United States. Why is the media so eager to take on their stories, expose their ignorance and hatred and try to make people believe that this is the way all people should feel. Fear mongering is all that it is. I see it as sad and disgusting as well. No doubt there are many hurting hearts in the US these days.

DB said...

Thank you Pacifica. I'm pleased to hear from you again. I know that ignorance and bigotry won't win the battle even if they win the day. The media seems bent on dirtying the American image everywhere.