Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Has The Flowers?

We never fully credit the interdependence of wild creatures, and their cognizance of the affairs of their own kind.

Mary Austin
My usual ride to the market was unable to take me today because her car wasn't working. So the two of us took a pull cart and walked there. It was good for me to get that exercise even though the walking was difficult. I also got to enjoy some of the fecund September greenery and flower beds along the way which I don't get to see from the car. I wonder what it is that makes us want to own every beautiful thing we see. It's one thing to enter an antique store or an art gallery and take something home of grace and aesthetic value. But why don't we leave the fields and forests alone?

I find myself increasingly impressed at the size and energy of the small people, the new humans. I have seen two babies talking to each other. Whatever strange language it is they both seem to understand it. At the supermarket I have learned to look down every once in a while because there might be a minute creature at my feet. They may hold the hand of an adult but the attachment is temporary and of secondary importance. Primary is taking in all the information available at whatever eye level they are allowed, which includes removing things from the shelves, most of which the adult has to return.

Several of the houses along my street have nice flower beds out front. There is a particularly lush one at the house next door, After my trip to the market I was tired and was resting on the front porch when a family came by including a girl who was so small she seemed no bigger than my thumb. She was wearing a little pink back pack and had a flower in each hand. Her father was telling her not to pick the flowers she saw along the way. He explained that the people planted those flowers so the front of their houses were pretty and that they should be left there.

The girl was not convinced. In her brand new, just off the shelf logic flowers were for girls to pick and carry with them. She obeyed her father and successfully passed the next door neighbor's array of blossoms. But she was tempted.

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

(Pete Seeger)

DB - The Vagabond
(This is not a contest.)

Who are the 2 (two) most important people alive today? Why?

Only 8 responses so far. Summer is about to close her gates. Get with it. Don’t be left out in the heat.

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Arlene (AJ) said...

I believe all little girls and boys love to pik flowers, know I did it when I was a little girl and would give them to my Mom and tell her I loved her. Brought back some nice memories, thanks DB

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

If we can only teach them to stop and smell them, that is the challenge :o)