Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wake Up Call

A myth is something which is not true on the outside, but is true on the inside.

Anonymous 4 year old girl.
Life is a journey through the jungle of the senses. I think the two most important activities of the human race are art and science. In fact, viewed in their essence, everything we do is a combination of those two things. There are many great, young ideas lurking in the corners wanting to be found. But how can humanity survive and reach it's full potential of perfection by accepting only the appearance of things?

The senses don't give us anything except closed doors. The poet knows that. Every flower is a prayer of desire and exaltation, pleading to the earth and the sun for life and embracing it. And the earth and the sun, globes like millions of others in the vast universe all circling around the invisible idea of existence.

Our lives are filled with myths. There are ancient and modern myths, all wanting to be understood and yet we stare at the myth instead of what it tells us. There are people today trying to figure out just what body of water Moses and the Israelites crossed on their way out of Egypt. Others are trying to locate the remains of Noah's ark. Still others are searching for the stones that once were the tower of Babel and the original Garden of Eden. To me that's like counting the beans in a pot instead of cooking and eating them.

Some people say that we never went to the moon. Did Neil Armstrong make his "one small step" on it's surface? Sure. But it was more than the achievement of centuries of science and technology and more than the culmination of centuries of poetic wonder. It was a mythic act, and it's real meaning is still lurking and wanting to be understood.

John Adams wrote "Politics are the divine science, after all." And yet when we look to politics what do we find? People yelling and insulting each other, fist fights, corruption, people grappling in a pit over issues that should unite us but that are dividing us, rage, hatred, fear. Where is the divinity? Why has it become impossible for anyone to see the moon walk of inspired human government? Here we are, like the flower, pleading for life and trying to embrace it but ignoring our own human spirit. We have become so enamored and confused by the hissing beasts and tangled vines of the jungle of our senses we forgot we were trying to go through it. We have accepted as true only the outside of the myth and discarded the inner truth.

There are those who cannot accept that time and space are human concepts and therefore malleable. What will be left when the doors of our senses finally open and the great waking up occurs, and where will we be?

DB - The Vagabond


You're at the end of a dark tunnel.. There is no turning back. The way out is through one of three doors. Behind the first door is a pack of fierce hungry tigers that haven't been fed in a month. Behind the second door is a raging fire. In front of the door is a large bucket of clear liquid which is either water or gasoline. Behind the third door are a bunch of assassins with daggers, swoon to kill anyone who opens the door but they are all blindfolded. Once you open one of the doors you can't close it and change your mind.

Which door do you choose? Why?

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Rose said...

You cracked me up when you said
"To me that's like counting the beans in a pot instead of cooking and eating them." LOL

Great Post Darling!

Hugs, Rose

Stan in NH said...

Nice. Very nice. Simple and meaningful. Thanks.

Nance said...

"Politics are the divine science, after all."

What DID John Adams mean by that? Certainly, throughout history before the modern American era, kings ruled by divine right. Even Hitler cited his God-given destiny. Has Palin borrowed this quote yet? Guess I'd better get busy and learn the context of that statement.

Anonymous said...

History without political science has not fruit.
Political science without history has no root. ~JR Seeley.
I'm with him. ~Mary