Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy, The Girl

Wise men ne'er sit and wail their woes,
But presently prevent the ways to wail.

Hello Diane
Let's all sing of woes and sorrows, of rues and regrets, of illnesses and troubles, of heartbreaks and mistakes, of wrongs and errors, of sins and sufferings, of depression and despair, of ugliness and crime, of anger and abuse, of age and weakness, of ignorance and want, of cruelty and condemnation, of lass and lack, of fear and failure, of broken dreams.

The joy that you find here, you borrow -
You cannot keep it long it seems -
But Gigolo and Gigolette -
Still sing a song and dance along -
The boulevard of broken dreams.
On the other had, let's not.
Life seems to be a festival of things that go wrong. The easiest thing to do is to make a mistake. One can sit around and "wail their woes" or not. A vital precept which no one thinks of until they have logged in a sufficient amount of weailing is that if you make room in your heart and mind for sorrow, sorrow will come and fill it up.

Some positive thinkers, so called, are merely doing battle with the grime and garbage that already rent rooms in their heads. The true thinker, the wise man, entertains no negative guests.

One of the happiest people I ever knew was a girl named Joy, and she was very appropriately named. She went through her days with a smile on her face or an expression that looked like it was going to break into a smile at any instant. She was certainly aware of all the wrongs and troubles in the world but she simply didn't include them on her mental menu. She expected good things to happen to her and to those around her and they generally did. Joy was unselfish. She respected other people and when she had to deal with some ignorant rat she did it with grace and ease.

One day I had lunch with her father and I could see where Joy's qualities came from. There was a man who was intelligent, friendly, solidly self assured, with the full knowledge of his positive place in the world.

Joy and her father were an inspiration. It was a lesson I took with me but didn't apply until years later. Now I'm passing it on. Keep the mind clean of the distractions of doubt and discouragement, treat people with respect as far as they can be trusted and step around the boulders in the way.

DB - The Vagabond
Never Give Up

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pacifica62 said...

The part about the grime and garbage that already rents rooms in their heads and about entertaining no negative guests.......just jumped out at me. I am going to write that down with your permission because I am sure there will come a time in many of my days that I need to read that and take heed.