Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's Next?

The desire to work and be useful is what makes life worth living.

Johnny Ball
Hello Marty
So Boss.

We invented the wheel, the rudder and the internal combustion engine. We built the pyramids, the Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower. We sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a wooden bottomed ship, laid down an intercontinental railway and a system of national highways. We built Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal and the Empire State Building. We sailed up and down the Yellow River, the Nile, the Amazon and the Mississippi. We wrote Hammurabi's Laws, Magna Carta and the U. S. Constitution.

We built cites: Tokyo, Beijing, Bombay, Alexandria, Athens, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, London, New York City. We established Institutes of Higher Learning in all those place to educate the people. We established a United Nations.

We invented the light bulb, the automobile and the airplane. We have developed hygiene, medicine and psychotherapy. We have created worldwide literature, music, painting and sculpture.

We have channeled hydropower, wind and solar power and nuclear energy. We have invented the stethoscope, the microscope and the telescope. We have learned to grow crops, keep herds and to fish. We know how to develop friendships, families and communities.

We have walked across the North Pole, the South Pole and the surface of the Moon.

OK, Boss. What's next?

DB - The Vagabond's Journeys
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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Perhaps we can work on saving mother earth.

Arlene (AJ) said...

Guess we all have to wait and see what tomorrow brings...let's hope it will finally bring peace and kindness to everyone's heart so that we can all show kindness and love to everyone finally.

Rose said...

I love this Post!

I, too wish we could all experience PEACE!

pacifica62 said...

All very well and good, and now we need to learn to get along with one another, respect our differences and celebrate our similarities for the greater good. WE have a long way to go.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am inclined to agree with what Ken and AJ said... I don't think we are asking what can we do next... I think we are living off the accomplishments of those who DID respond to the demands that 'the Boss' made... otherwise, here in the US, we would not be fighting obesity and glued to media outlets and fighting over the most spurious causes while the rich run away with the dish and the spoon...

krissy knox said...

I think there will be many medical advances in the days to come. Perhaps we will have, for example, vaccines to prevent cancer. Modern medicine, science, and technology are constantly improving. Other medical advances could be prevention and cures for diseases such as muscular distophy, cerebral palsy, chiari malformation, ataxias, autism, asperger's, schizophrenia, bipolar, alzheimer's, other dementia's, as well as many other illnesses and diseases.

"As to bringing peace and kindness to everyone's heart so that we can all show kindness and love to everyone finally," (as AJ, Rose, pacifica62, and Big Mark 253 mentioned), I believe this will not come about until we listen to and follow the Lord. When we do so we will have peace and kindness and love for one another.

As far as "saving mother earth" (as Ken mentioned), what does mother earth need to be saved from? I have heard that cliche over and over again -- that we need to "save mother earth." Are you talking about global warming here, Ken? In the past 100 million years, there has been a great deal of climate change. It has gotten warmer, it's gotten colder, it's gotten more wet, it's gotten dryer. It has been a lot warmer in the past than it is now. It was very hot a long time before there was people on the earth. Climate change is ongoing. Climate changes and then it changes again. We know this from history, geology and statistics.

As far as "mother earth being saved," it's not as bad as the dooms day prophets claim it to be. Of course we need to be good stewards of the resources God gives us but we don't need to go back to an agrarian society.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you,Ken.

God bless you.

krissy knox :)