Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vagabondism 214

Vagabondism #214 "I wonder who acquired the books that I had to leave behind and if they love them as much as I did."


pacifica62 said...

If you are asking this as a
rhetorical question, my reply would be "probably not".

Dannelle said...

One can only hope that someone did. I doubt many people would save mine and there are so many...

Rose said...

I'm sure someone is enjoying all your books. Perhaps, not as equally as you did but nonetheless gave them pleasure as well.

I recently donated some of my books to a Book Swap with hopes that others will enjoy reading my selections throughout the years.

I fear that the "Kindle" and new modern technology may do away with cracking open a new book and turning the pages. Sad. The thoughts of this makes me wish I kept my books.

Look at the Post Office holding on by a thread due to modern technology????? Sad that all those people will lose their jobs eventually.

Hugs, Rose