Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Think Of That

True thinking is work. It involves being comfortable with not knowing.

Diane Cameron
Hello Arlene, ,
I was talking with a friend the other day and during the conversation I recalled an experience that occurred when I turned 50. I was surprised at how little I knew. I thought, here I've lived half a century, an active life, where is all this wisdom I'm supposed to have? It was then that I began to realize I didn't know any where near as much as I thought I did.

But to gain any sort of wisdom requires thought. It does not want opinion, guessing, throwing dice or consulting the advice column of the newspaper. It requires imagination, probing, investigating, challenging and, very importantly, as Diane Cameron says, being comfortable with the fact that there are many things, too many things, you don't know.

I wanted to understand the books and articles I was reading and not just skim over them. I wanted to join in on discussions people were having around me about subjects that were foreign to me. I was caught up in a trap of not really knowing the things I thought I knew.

I began by going back over some of the books I had read and really digging into them. Then I started buying books on all sorts of subjects, subjects I didn't' really think I was interested in. only to discover I did enjoy learning about them. Books on science, philosophy, history, religion and psychology really challenged my mind and forced me to think.

After a while I found that I was coming up with my own ideas which seemed to intrigue people when I expressed them. As I approached my 70"s I began to write. I suppose at last I have some small measure of wisdom. I'm still baffled by a great many things but I'm comfortable with that since there is always something to learn and to think about.

DB - The Vagabond
Never Give Up


A glorious day is dawning,
And o'er the waking earth
The heralds of the morning
Are springing into birth.
In dark and hidden places
There shines the blessed light;
The beam of truth displaces
The darkness of the night.

The advocates of error
Foresee the glorious morn
And hear in shrinking terror
The watchword of reform:
It rings from hill and valley,
It breaks oppression's chain.
A thousand freemen rally,
And swell the mighty strain.


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pacifica62 said...

And when you are 90 you are going to look back at yourself at 70 and again realize you don't know any where near as much as you thought you did. Life offers reminders like that when we start to feel smug and "smart". Learning is a process and life is a process that offers opportunities to learn. I remember being 21 and about to leave the hallowed halls of academia at university and feeling that I had the world by the tail and that I knew it all. Turned out to be quite the opposite. If anything, my time in academia showed me how little I knew and how much there was to learn. I had a lot of living and learning to do.