Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote For What?

Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone, person to person.

Mother Theresa
Hello Jen,
Election Day in the USA. This is the day we American citizens get to vote for our leaders and representatives. Unfortunately to run for public office, especially in the higher levels of government, is a very expensive activity. The radio and TV commercials, print advertising, fliers, leaflets, letters, travels and phone calls all cost a lot of money. So the lucky ones who hold those offices are mostly rich, supported by the even richer.,

The wealthy in this country have all the power and, even among the kindly intentioned, they don't have a history of exercising it wisely. Like the monarchs of old they have the money, the position and their armies, in the modern case that means lawyers and lobbyists. They all seem to be quite comfortable with that arrangement. They call it the American Dream.

The common man has daily problems about which the rich know nothing "Let 'em eat cake." But the common man, the commoner, the peasant, the indentured servant needs some of that power. He wants the power to build a life, own a home, support a family and gain a decent standard of living. That's the American Dream. And as time goes by it's slipping more and more from our grasp. "Can the King, who commands the beggars knee, command the health of it?" Shakespeare wrote.

If the rich were to pay their fair share of taxes it would be a blessing for the country. Some of the rich and richly supported politicians are against that idea. Meanwhile money is being squandered.

If the rich were held accountable for the taxes they should have been paying all these years, their debt to America, it would be an even bigger blessing. And if they were assessed the sort of interest charges on that debt the wealthy banks like to charge the commoner it would be a healthier, wealthier and more prosperous country all around.

If that unlikely event should happen there would be a lot of yachts and mansions for sale. Do you think the common man would shed a tear over that misfortune?

We cannot depend on our leaders to forfeit their ideological arguments and knuckle down to their responsibilities. The Washington game goes on like a huge ball to which we are not invited. Power, influence, obligations and promises are pushed around the table like poker chips. And we aren't in the game.

So what do we do? We use the only power we have: protests, demonstrations, standing for days in the cold in ever increasing numbers, being hated, bearing beatings and arrests, scorn, scoffs, misunderstandings, fear, to convince the unconvinced, move the unmovable and awaken the spirit of rightness, of fairness, of genuine concern for the nations's well being. And we do it alone, person to person. Because we are the people.

DB - The Vagabond
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Jon said...

(I'll keep my comment short):

Dannelle said...

YES, and yes again!

Rose said...

I'll triple that "yes"

Ana said...

And they call it "democracy".For the people, by... what?

pacifica62 said...

A standing ovation to you db, for this entry. How did our values, our morals, our beliefs get so far out of whack that the poor are burdened with the responsibility of paying taxes for the rich who do not pay them.
Are they elections going on down there today? I know the big one is next year, I believe.

Beth said...

Our world truly seems to be upside-down at the moment. I have no answers, other than staying informed and taking the time to learn about the issues. I'm sorry to say that far too many in our country just don't care.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We cannot vote for the local city elections because we are outside the city limits. Sucks!