Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Author 2

Guest Author #2

Geo.'s Guest Blog:


I like your idea and want to accept but wish to keep within your established motif --which is hard because you say incomparable things incomparably well. So I'll hunt past personal experience to at least come up with some Geo.-isms that don't clash overmuch with Vagabondisms.

1. When, after city-dweller house guests leave, you find yourself mucking all the way to the septic tank to clear the pipes of condoms, it's a bad idea to caution them about it . Better to possess oneself in silence. (learned this yesterday)

2. The cause of freedom is often best served by divided forces. (We learned this running away from National Guardsmen, Berkeley 1969)

3. When someone cares enough to have you followed, it means you're onto something. (Don't like to remember where I learned this)

4. No one who's done plumbing believes in pleasant surprises. (learned today)

5. It's a bad idea to ask your foreign language teacher "am I speaking French yet?", especially if it's a German class. (high school)

6. Everyone deserves some credit for having passed as an earthling this long. (haven't learned this so far but sometimes say things I haven't thought of yet)
This is an invitation for anyone and everyone to post a entry of their own on my journal, Vagabond Journeys

The end of the year holidays are soon upon us and since it is a time for celebrations, remembrances, resolutions and plans for the future I know that people have a lot to say.

Not to take away from the postings on your journals, but to add to the joy of my own celebrations is why I invite you to write for mine.

I want to read what your thoughts are about this magical time of the year. This invitation is open to everyone: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans, Agnostics, Atheists and the Uncertain.

Tell me your thoughts on Chanukah, Christmas, Ashura, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, New Years Eve. or any subject you associate with this holiday season.

There are no limits in regard to length. The only limitation is that, for reasons so far unexplained to me, my blog does not take photographs, animations, videos or pictures of any kind. I deal in words.

Please accept my invitation. Send your entry to my email address I will copy and paste it into my journal and it will be displayed promptly. You may sign your name or not as you wish, and you may leave a link to your blog or your email or not, as you wish. I will do NO editing or censoring. Eloquence is not necessary, mind or heart or both is all.

All are welcome. Admission is free.

Dana Bate - Vagabond Journeys
(Never give up)

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