Friday, December 30, 2011


A Vagabond's Song

I was baptized by New York City sleet and tempered in New England snow.

I walked among the ancient rocks and pondered nature's hieroglyphs.

I watched the silver snake ford the brook.

I fought. My spear was inscribed with sacred runes.

I gather knowledge from books and birds and children at play.

I respect the mystic myths.

I know when there's love and when there isn't.

I can hear the echoes of my struggling ancestors.

Those who saw me sit and stare and said I was a worthless dreamer are gone.

I survived the silent sirens.

Now I sit and stare and while I sit I think, I imagine, I write, I design, I survive because I can.

There is inexpressible music in my head, poetry in my heart and a sense of humor in my pocket.

I am a child of the universe. ,

I am not worthless.



Arlene (AJ) said...

You're indeed a very worthy person who through life has had many good things come your way dear and what you accomplished in life has touched all of us who read your site and I'm sure many other people also. All of your challenges and accomplishments makes you a person that will never give up as you reach for what tomorrow offers....good for you DB

pacifica62 said...

You are a free spirit and definitely not worthless at all and no where near it. Everyone is valuable and everyone contributes to life as we know it. You are a one of a kind treasure.

Rose said...

You are most definitely a worthy person for sure!

I love reading your Posts.

Happy New Year my dear friend.

Hugs, Rose