Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Wish To Be

It is enjoyable to make things visible which are invisible.

Eric Cantona
Hello Linda
I search for the invisible.

I wish to be in that place beyond the visible. I wish to be in the place beyond human ignorance and human knowledge. I wish to be beyond authority, opinion, systems and programs. A place beyond the world, beyond life as I know it.

I wish to be in that place beyond art.

Beyond theatre where those magic moments happen when the character I am portraying takes over my voice, my face, my body and my life. Beyond literature where the words line up in perfect order like the ensemble dancers in a ballet and form the ringing silver sentence. Beyond painting where the brush describes an image with accuracy, delicacy and beauty. Beyond music where mortal structures try to describe immortal things.

I wish to be in that place beyond science.

Beyond infinite numbers that measure and define, Beyond investigation and discovery. Beyond reason and logic. Beyond the farthest star. Beyond matter and natural law.

I wish to be in that place beyond limitation and beyond freedom, beyond life and beyond death, beyond sight and sound.

I wish to be in that place beyond habitation and security, beyond majesty and control, beyond desire and supply.

I wish to be in that place beyond hell and beyond heaven.

I wish to build my home in pure spirit.
DB - Vagabond Journeys
Never Give Up


pacifica62 said...

Those are some pretty big wishes db. Do you have visions in your head of what you think these places (or this place) would be like? I have no idea what "pure spirit" would be, but you seem to have chosen it as the place in which you want to live.

Dannelle said...

May your wishes be granted- someday we shall, perhaps, know that place. You are pure in spirit regardless of all the whoops in life- Hugs