Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vagabondism 239

Vagabondism #239 "There is no life for those who do not dare to live it."


pacifica62 said...

This is terrific. Should be one of those year end things we are left to think about. This one makes me squirm a bit as I am sure that much of the time I exist as opposed to really live life. This one is a keeper.

Rose said...

I really enjoyed this Post.


krissy knox said...

Fantastic, fantastic quote. This is something I am learning. Weird, that it took me 40 something years to learn, yet I so wanted it for so long. I think fear and lack of trust held me back from living life fully. When I let go of the fear of what having a new life would bring me, and just embraced life, I was presently surprised that it was the best thing in the world! Between God and myself, I can make a great life! I also say lack of trust bc I wasn't trusting the Lord, nor was I trusting that I could do things in my own life to make it better. I thought I would be a big failure so I held back. But when I let go and then ran forward (a paradox indeed), and embraced life w all it had to offer, I was enriched beyond all I could imagine! Yes, dare to live life!

Thanks for a great Vagabondism, as usual, Dana!

krissy knox :)
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