Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love It

I think we are blind. Blind people who can see, but do not see.

Jose Saramago
Hello Arlene
There are three ways of looking at something. With the eyes, with the mind and with love. Most of us ignore the second two most of the time.

Yesterday afternoon when I went down for the mail I sat for a while on the porch outside my apartment to enjoy some sunshine. I had been reading some articles on sight and as I looked around I began to really notice some things: the chair I was sitting in, the porch with its railing, the steps down to the ground level, the car parked in front of the building, another car passing with music coming from it, the mail box, the mail.

Who was it who first designed the folding chair? I don't know, but what a great invention, easily transported and stacked and yet opens out to provide a comfortable place for a person to sit.

Then there was the porch, an ample space outside my kitchen door with a railing for me to stand next to and rest my arms on and also to protect me so I won't fall off the porch to the hard ground below. Then the wide staircase to the lower level. The architect didn't just design a stairway to my door but a nice porch in front of it. I will never know that architect or the carpenter who built them.

I observed the parked car and saw a machine that enables someone to transport themselves quickly, safely and comfortably. A lot of design and careful manufacture went into that.

I admired the fact that a person can drive and listen to the music the like at the same time through a car radio or cd player.

I descended the stairs and walked down the alley where there was my mail box. Someone had attached it years ago. I will never know who that was. Inside was my mail. Some anonymous person from the postal service had put it in my box. I thought about how great it is that we have a postal service. We drop a letter in the mail box and it may go thousands of miles to its destination and we hardly ever think about it. It's still the best deal in America.

My mail was a magazine with articles to help me be a better writer (don't you dare say I need it, I know I do). And a postcard from Beth and Ken, somewhere along Route 66, Beth's favorite highway.

When I got back to my apartment I put on a Bach violin concerto, while I checked out Beth's card.

I admire the love behind the workmanship that gave me a comfortable chair to sit in on a pleasant porch.

I admire the love behind automotive manufacturing with all the safety features and beauty of design.

I admire the love of the singers and bands that provide the music that is meaningful and important to people's lives and the companies that record it..

I note the love that motivates the earnestness of the postal workers and mail carriers.

My magazine was written, edited and published so that others can improve their writing skills and through the love of words and communication speak through them to many other people.

I appreciate the love from Beth and Ken for their friends to take the time to send us cards during their 66 adventures.

And I admire the genius, J. S. Bach, who a few centuries ago loved his music enough to write it down and leave it for the musicians today who also love it, play it and record it so that I may enjoy it in my own humble home.

We do take things for granted. We should stop that. There is a lot of ugliness and hate in the world. I prefer to look for the beauty and the love.

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Beth said...

The world is an endless source of wonder for those who take the time to see it. REALLY see it.

I'm glad you enjoyed the card. I hope it brought back fond memories of your trip years ago!

Arlene (AJ) said...

Just loved reading your site today, hubby Jerr enjoyed it with me. Such thought thinking of things we all take for the way you bring these to all of us with your words.

Thanks for the hi, ditto back to you dear.

Ken Riches said...

Fond memories are our wish as you follow our sojourn that you made many years ago.